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Join Patrick O'Halloran to learn how to continuously monitor and analyze MySQL and MariaDB to ensure application responsiveness and database security with IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL. It monitors agentless and in real-time to allow you to take corrective action and resolve significant issues proactively before they affect end users.

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November 27, 2018 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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In this webinar we'll discuss which metrics can offers us insight into our database and why they matter. We will cover where to find the metrics that our databases offer and how to make sense of them through monitoring practices.

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December 06, 2018 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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Join us for a special roundtable webinar on December 13th for real direction and practical advice on the challenges and opportunities to tackle in 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to get a better understanding of what's ahead in big data and analytics.

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December 13, 2018 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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A day in the life of Today's DBA is a hectic and often chaotic mixture of firefighting, finger pointing and having to manage a wide range of technologies. This was true for Kyle Mertz, the Lead on the Next Gen Database team at Express Scripts.

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December 20, 2018 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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Machine learning is on the rise at businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence with use cases spreading across industries. A recent study fielded amongst the subscribers of Database Trends and Applications found that 25% currently have machine learning initiatives underway with another 20% considering adoption.

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January 24, 2019 | 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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Archived Webinars

Original Broadcast: November 15, 2018

To educate IT decision makers and data warehousing professionals about the must-have capabilities for modern data warehousing today – how they work and how best to use them – Database Trends and Applications is hosting a special roundtable webinar on November 15th. Don't miss this opportunity to hear about novel solutions to chronic data warehousing challenges, real-world success stories and architecture tips from industry experts.

Content From Attunity and Yellowbrick

Original Broadcast: November 07, 2018

In this webinar, you'll find out why Chapman said that "the shift to working with Pure was like night and day." James Kelly, Sr. DBA and Storage Administrator from Chapman will provide his take on the top ten ways that Pure transformed the way Chapman delivers services to students and how the university benefitted from Pure's simplicity, efficiency, and evergreen all-flash storage offerings.

Content From Pure Storage

Original Broadcast: November 01, 2018

During this webinar, Collibra will share why industry leaders are changing their approach to data governance. They'll also highlight the three governance capabilities every organization needs to empower all data citizens to find, understand, and trust their data.

Content From Collibra

Original Broadcast: October 31, 2018

Don't miss this opportunity to gain new insights from the top industry experts. Reserve your seat today to better understand where Oracle database environments are heading and how you can survive and thrive with the latest best practices.

Content From VMware

Original Broadcast: October 30, 2018

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is all around us today from recommendation engines that serve up internet ads to conducting fraud checks as we process our digital payments. But not all machine learning/artificial intelligence is the same: some is built with offline models whereas others are built with real-time infrastructure. The more information you can feed your online AI/ML, the better it performs.

Content From Aerospike

Original Broadcast: October 25, 2018

Today, more than ever, businesses rely on data to deliver a competitive edge. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, success means increasing efficiency, agility and innovation through better collaboration, visibility and performance. However, as business applications continue to grow more sophisticated, so does the challenge of supporting them. From high volume transactions, to the analytical processing of new data sources and types, modern applications require speed, scalability and flexibility — on commodity hardware or in cloud. The challenge, of course, is getting there.

Content From HVR and SentryOne

Original Broadcast: October 23, 2018

Building a mobile app with local data storage capabilities can be a daunting task—but it doesn't have to be. In this webinar, we examine the main challenges and requirements of an offline or offline-first storage solution and discuss how you can overcome some of the toughest obstacles using NoSQL with JSON documents.

Content From Couchbase

Original Broadcast: October 11, 2018

In this session, we will set the scene by examining the rapid growth of commercial-grade open source database platforms and highlight some of the challenges their use presents to developers and administrators unfamiliar with them. We will then present some solutions that will allow developers and DBAs to address some of these challenges as they figure out how to transition off their existing database platforms.

Content From Quest

Original Broadcast: September 27, 2018

Join us for a special roundtable webinar on September 27th for a deep dive into real-world scenarios that equip you with expert insights and practical advice — whether you're just starting or are already on your cloud journey.

Content From Attunity and Vertica

Original Broadcast: September 20, 2018

This webcast will explore some of the differences between open source databases and their commercial counterparts. You will see at a high level, how you can start to manage availability and performance in these systems, as well as uncover some of the limitations the systems have.

Content From Quest

Original Broadcast: September 18, 2018

Join Griddable.io for this webinar showcasing a breakthrough SaaS platform that synchronizes and transforms enterprise data across any database, topology, or cloud. Learn how to automate migration of Oracle to Postgres while changing schema, re-shard and modernize Oracle to multiple SQL and NoSQL targets on different clouds simultaneously, and dynamically create database copies across clouds.

Content From Gridabble

Original Broadcast: September 06, 2018

The cloud is becoming an increasingly attractive location for data lakes for many of the same reasons organizations are moving transactional and analytical workloads off the ground in general. The need for greater capacity and storage while managing costs is an all-to-familiar challenge at IT departments nowadays, especially as businesses strive to digitally transform themselves into insights-driven enterprises.

Content From Attunity and Accenture

Original Broadcast: August 23, 2018

For far too long technology teams have lived in silos. Not only physical silos, but cultural silos pushed by competing objectives. This includes informational silos where business users require one set of data and tech teams require different data DevOps intends to bridge these gaps to make tech driven operations more aligned and efficient.

Content From InfluxData

Original Broadcast: August 21, 2018

This webinar will examine how you can deliver an outstanding user experience to enable data citizens to more easily and effectively find, understand, and trust data to drive enterprise value. We will introduce the listener to tools and techniques to accelerate their projects and communicate across broad audiences on the value of these strategic investments.

Content From Collibra

Original Broadcast: August 16, 2018

Join us for a special roundtable webinar on August 9th to dive into the world of agile data management. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the key solutions, roles and success factors, as well as the rise of the DataOps movement.

Content From Quest and Delphix

Original Broadcast: July 31, 2018

The world has reached an inflection point where business applications are cloud-first. But what changes should I expect in the cloud for Big Data and what are the lessons learned from experienced practitioners? This webinar showcases a cloud-ready, Big Data reference architecture and discusses key criteria that should be considered when building your solution.

Content From Arcadia Data, Trifacta, StreamSets and Waterline Data

Original Broadcast: July 26, 2018

In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for managing this balance and mitigating risk as much as possible. The critical components to achieving these goals are thorough planning, sound architecture frameworks, and proper alignment with service partners.

Content From Percona

Original Broadcast: July 25, 2018

In this webinar, we'll explore how intelligent real-time decisioning technology in machine learning helps you operationalize your analytics and take the next critical step in realizing your machine learning goals.

Content From VoltDB

Original Broadcast: July 24, 2018

Join Oracle's Lee Levitt as he discusses the results of the latest IOUG study on the new data management landscape and how the cloud is impacting the role and mission of IT. Hear about real world examples of how companies are navigating the change and capitalizing on the benefits cloud brings when it comes to data management and getting more out of your analytics.

Content From Oracle

Original Broadcast: July 19, 2018

In this webinar, we will use MariaDB AX, an open source columnar database, to explain how column-based storage improves query performance and storage efficiency, and how it can be combined with massively parallel processing and streaming ingestion to support scalable, high-performance analytics on near real-time data.

Content From MariaDB

Original Broadcast: July 17, 2018

The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. While companies today are investing heavily in initiatives to increase the amount of data at their disposal, most information workers are spending more time finding the data they need rather than actually putting it to work.

Content From Attunity, erwin and Information Builders

Original Broadcast: July 12, 2018

The first step to getting control of and visibility into your DevOps environment is to collect and instrument everything. But how do you get started, and what are the next steps? In this live webinar on July 12th, the experts from InfluxData will distill what they've learned from hundreds of their customers into a simple 5-step process.

Content From InfluxData

Original Broadcast: June 28, 2018

The ability to quickly act on information to solve problems or create value has long been the goal of many businesses. However, it wasn't until recently when new technologies emerged that the speed and scalability requirements of real-time analytics could be addressed both technically and cost-effectively by organizations on a larger scale. To educate IT and business stakeholders about the three key capabilities for succeeding with real-time analytics today,

Content From Aerospike, HVR and Looker

Original Broadcast: June 07, 2018

In April, 2018, Revelation Software proudly announced the official release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 10.0. OI 10 has been re-engineered for 64-bit in this new release. We have rewritten nearly every bit of code in the product, from the interface with the user, to the reporting tools, and the speed of the indexing routines.

Content From Revelation

Original Broadcast: May 31, 2018

As Hadoop adoption in the enterprise continues to grow, so does commitment to the data lake strategy. In fact, one-third of Database Trends and Applications readers are currently planning data lake projects for 2018 to underpin data discovery and data science initiatives, as well as real-time analytics capabilities. Another third are in the process of researching and evaluating solutions. Data security, governance, integration and access have all been identified as critical success factors for data lake deployments.

Content From Arcadia, HVR and Percona

Original Broadcast: May 22, 2018

There are many changes afoot for the IT organization as cloud-driven automation creates the need for an evolution throughout IT. This webcast, featuring author and independent analyst Joe McKendrick, and Oracle Master Product Manager, Maria Colgan, will examine some of the forces of cloud-driven change impacting everyone from the DBA to IT leadership as well as how services, such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, hail a new generation of automated data management.

Content From Oracle

Original Broadcast: May 15, 2018

As the value and volume of data continues to rise, the need to effectively assess and communicate data-related risks has never been greater. Business executives need a focused set of metrics that enable fast and effective decisions. IT and security pros often lack the right metrics, information, and approach needed to embed themselves into business conversations and positively affect data security practices.

Content From IBM

Original Broadcast: May 10, 2018

When it comes to capturing and analyzing data, IT departments have more choices today than ever today. And choice is a good thing. However, in order to pick the right tool for the job, you need to fully understand your requirements as well as your choices.

Content From Aerospike and Oracle

Original Broadcast: April 24, 2018

Data-driven organizations rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed to derive timely insights. Data volumes within modern organization's information ecosystems are rapidly expanding—placing significant performance demands on legacy architectures. Today, to fully harness their data to gain competitive advantage, businesses need modern scalable architectures and high levels of performance and reliability to provide timely analytical insights.

Content From Actian

Original Broadcast: April 19, 2018

Many large modern enterprises are data-aware — they deploy processes to transform raw data into information using a variety of data integration, data management, and business intelligence (BI) tools. But being data-aware, or even data-driven, does not necessarily mean being insights-driven. Are your BI applications providing valuable insights? Are these insights prescriptive and actionable? Are these actions driving tangible business outcomes?

Content From Arcadia Data

Original Broadcast: April 05, 2018

A new era of cognitive computing is unfolding. According to estimates, the market around cognitive computing will grow to $46 billion and intelligent applications will spread like wildfire throughout the business world, transforming how we work. Building cognitive systems and applications that can perform specific, humanlike tasks in an intelligent way is far from easy. Cognitive Computing Summit brings together leading industry experts to share knowledge about cognitive computing use cases, strategies, and technologies to help you succee

Content From DBTA

Original Broadcast: March 29, 2018

Pure Storage now provides a Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for Oracle that delivers non-disruptive operations for Oracle Databases. This tool includes powerful features that help Oracle DBAs and Storage administrators simplify copy, clone, and provisioning activities without impacting the system resources needed for primary database processing tasks. Oracle CAT is available for download, can be installed on Pure Storage FlashArray //X and //M solutions, and does not require any separate license, maintenance, or support costs.

Content From Pure Storage

Original Broadcast: March 27, 2018

We are entering a new era in database with the introduction of the first ever Autonomous Database Cloud. Join Oracle's Master Product Manager, Maria Colgan as she takes a look at the next generation of cloud technology, the autonomous database architecture. She will also examine how this will impact the database administrator and what things you can do today to prepare for a successfully transition to the cloud-driven business environment.

Content From Oracle

Original Broadcast: March 22, 2018

With the potential to transform how and when decisions are made throughout business and our daily lives, the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) is currently being realized across a variety of industries, from manufacturing and utilities, to advertising and healthcare. In fact, a recent survey found that 29% of Database Trends and Applications readers currently have IoT initiatives underway.

Content From Cloudera, Percona and Couchbase

Original Broadcast: March 13, 2018

Expanding data volumes and longer data retention requirements are putting enormous and previously unforeseen stresses on organizations' data security and compliance environments. Find out how your organization can take advantage of deploying an optimized security data lake that can help you become more agile, and quickly act on new context-aware data security and compliance insights.

Content From IBM

Original Broadcast: March 08, 2018

We all know that a sports team with a good offense but a weak defense is unlikely to win the game. They're missing the skills needed to dominate for half the playing time. It takes a balance of both skills to ensure a victory. So when it comes to data strategy, why do so many organizations only take an offensive or defensive approach?

Content From Collibra

Original Broadcast: March 01, 2018

Data warehousing has evolved. Conventional, on-premises data warehouses are simply unable to provide the agility, elasticity or pay-as-you-go efficiency that today's businesses and analytics use cases demand. But replacing an established on-premise EDW is not as simple as moving tables from point A to point B; the move to cloud data warehousing requires an incremental, well-governed approach to rapidly deliver business results while ensuring minimal disruption to existing applications and analytic workloads.

Content From Informatica

Original Broadcast: February 27, 2018

By relegating the finer details of infrastructure to the cloud, the software architect has taken on challenges of a higher order. The limitless infrastructure and the ever-presence of applications are making solutions feasible that we had not dreamed about a few years before. And now, the architect must dream about them and, even transform such dreams into reality.

Content From VoltDB

Original Broadcast: February 22, 2018

Today, the average enterprise has data streaming into business-critical applications and systems from a dizzying array of endpoints, from smart devices and sensor networks, to web logs and financial transactions. This onslaught of fast data is growing in size, complexity and speed, fueled by increasing business demands along with the rise of the Internet of Things. Therefore, it is no surprise that operationalizing insights at the point-of-action has become a top priority.

Content From Aerospike and Attunity

Original Broadcast: February 15, 2018

As database environments continue to increase in size and complexity, the challenge of maintaining the performance and availability of business-critical systems is also growing. A brand new study fielded amongst the members of Database Trends and Applications and the Independent Oracle Users Group reveals that database professionals are being tasked with managing more database instances and platforms, and in greater sizes, than ever before – both on premises and in the cloud.

Content From Quest

Original Broadcast: February 01, 2018

To prevent and diagnose availability, health, and performance issues it is essential to review and manage the configuration of SQL Server instances and databases. Whether you want to view and modify the settings of instances and databases or compare settings to historical snapshots and other instances, it is important to have a quick and easy way to access this information.

Content From IDERA

Original Broadcast: January 30, 2018

As the industrial age is morphing into the digital age, how do traditional factories evolve? Modern demands require manufacturers to have the ability to support faster production, vary product output at a moment's notice, lower power consumption and eliminate waste all while improving throughput and efficiency. Having the ability to manage costs and make decisions based on real-time information has become even more critical. Not only that, but how do you best consolidate the data from the factory floor to the teams that need it for analysis?

Content From HVR

Original Broadcast: January 11, 2018

Capacity planning, especially when done for SQL Server, is not for the faint of heart. Storage and disk capacity are apparent, but when you want to right-size your database(s) for a new SQL implementation or migration, there is a lot more to think about than space. Of course, you need to consider sizing and future growth.  Also, we also have to consider design, configuration, and other essential resources to ensure your new SQL Server is performing optimally.

Content From IDERA

Original Broadcast: December 19, 2017

A comprehensive range of tools is essential for performing common database administration tasks. Such tasks can otherwise be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when they involve developing, testing, and maintaining custom scripts. Examples of these tasks are to figure out why users cannot connect, move databases, manage index fragmentation, produce reports to show whether backups ran, find rogue instances, improve security, and check configurations.

Content From IDERA

Original Broadcast: December 14, 2017

Today's database administrators have to keep their database platforms up to date and working smoothly. This often requires manual effort to perform certain tasks on a regular basis, sometimes daily or hourly. This can be more complicated when the same task needs to be done across multiple database platforms.

Content From IDERA

Original Broadcast: December 12, 2017

We have come a long way since the term "Big Data" swept the business world off its feet as the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity. Hadoop, NoSQL and Spark have become members of the enterprise IT landscape, data lakes have evolved as a real strategy and migration to the cloud has accelerated across service and deployment models.

Content From Accenture Analytics, Redis Labs and Qubole

Original Broadcast: December 05, 2017

Increasing data demand means organizations must ensure its integrity, accessibility, availability, quality and security. In this webcast, Sandhill Consultants will discuss how to improve overall data governance to reduce commercial and regulatory risks while also realizing larger business objectives.

Content From Sandhill and erwin

Original Broadcast: November 28, 2017

Join this webcast to hear user stories, learn how organizations leveraged new Master Data Management capabilities from IBM to empower their organizations with discovery transformation, self-service access and collaboration to accelerate insights for the people and systems that needed it.

Content From IBM

Original Broadcast: November 16, 2017

Today, the world of decision-making, along with the data sources and technologies that support it, is evolving rapidly. Modern data warehousing is not only being shaped by the need for businesses to deliver data faster to more users, but the need for a richer picture of their operations afforded by a greater variety of data for analysis.

Content From Attunity and Pythian