Beyond Failover: Achieving 100% Availability Using Multi-Region, Master-Master MySQL Replication

The requirements of interactive online applications are dramatically increasing, with users demanding ever-higher levels of availability (uptime). At the same time, datacenter and cloud infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and failure prone. A novel approach to multi-regional replication of MySQL is presented, which in combination with several other minor modifications to the application stack can make 100% availability a reality. A future vision is provided for the next-generation applications enabled by this innovative solution.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: Availability
  2. Limitations of MySQL Replication Approaches
  3. Solving Multi-Region, Master-Master Replication: GenieDB v1.0 Features
  4. GenieDB: Beyond Version 1.0
  5. Considerations Above the Database Layer
  6. The Future of Next-Generation Applications


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