Cost Containment Strategies for Oracle Database Users

Database usage is increasing sharply at a time when license and maintenance fees are also on the rise. Motivated by successful migrations to Linux and JBoss, IT organizations are turning to open source based RDBMS alternatives to control costs and improve operating leverage.

Migrating from Oracle to open source based alternatives like Postgres Plus Advanced Server requires a clear understanding of human, technical and operational risks, and a game plan by which to manage those risks over an extended time horizon. That game plan includes a comprehensive technical assessment of your application databases, Oracle compatibility software that eliminates migration risks and costs, and a partner with deep domain expertise in Oracle database migrations.

This paper will provide best practices for migrating Oracle applications to lower cost PostgreSQL alternatives; quantifying and mitigating associated risks; and reducing the operational pain associated with migration.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview (3)
  • Oracle Migration: A Powerful Cost Reduction Opportunity (4)
  • Immediate and Measurable Savings (4)
  • Framework for Oracle Interoperability and Migration (5)
  • Understanding Migration Risks (7)
  • Reducing Operational Pain & Risk (8)
  • Creating an Oracle Migration Game Plan (8)
  • Open Source Options (10)
  • The Power of Postgres + Oracle Compatibility (11)
  • EnterpriseDB's Oracle Migration Assessment (12)
  • Time to Value (13)
  • Summary (14)
  • About EnterpriseDB (15)

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