Data Professionals Guide to Enterprise Data: Discover The Next Generation of ETL

With 90% of the world’s data having been created in the past two years, conventional extract-transform-load (ETL) technology simply can’t keep up, and data pros are increasingly having to retrofit traditional batch-based ETL processes in an attempt just to keep pace. With next generation ETL technology like data streaming and data beaming though, businesses can now seamlessly move operational data to real-time analytics environments and digital customer touchpoints.

In this e-guide, we’ll examine the current and projected challenges with ETL and other forms of data processing, before exploring the next generation of ETL and learning how it overcomes the traditional limitations. We’ll also look at the problems faced by data pros, like data engineers, data operations teams and data analysts, and the ways you, as a data-driven leader, can help them find new, enterprise grade solutions to data management.

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