Diamanti promises sparkling hyperconvergence for bare-metal containers

Containerization appears be moving rapidly from trials through test and development usage to production de¬ployments, in-line with today’s faster agile and DevOps release cycles. A recent survey completed by 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) service found that of over 300 enterprise respondents, 19% had begun production deployment of containerized applications, and 8% were in broad production implementation.

Although persistent storage support for containerized applications is set to become a list item to check off, Diamanti is the only supplier we know of that has created an HCI platform designed specifically for containers – running the way containers were designed to do, on bare metal rather than in VMs

Their product is called the D10, and its focus on bare-metal containers is far from its only unusual quality. Diamanti’s intent was to provide a simple-to-deploy platform (hence the HCI architecture) to be used with a customer’s choice of container management software, such as Kubernetes or Meso¬sphere’s DC/OS. The goals also included high performance and high utilization rates for physical re¬sources.

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