Getting Started with Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain® as a Distributed Database

Apache Ignite native persistence is a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant store that turns Apache Ignite into a full-fledged distributed SQL database. It allows you to have 0-100% of your data in RAM with guaranteed durability using a broad range of storage technologies, have immediate availability on restart, and achieve high volume read and write scalability with low latency using SQL and ACID transactions. GridGain, built on Apache Ignite, is the commercial version of the in-memory computing platform.

Learn how to get native persistence up and running, and tips and tricks to get the best performance. In this webinar, Valentin Kulichenko, GridGain’s Lead Architect, will explain:

  • What native persistence is, and how it works
  • Show step-by-step how to set up Apache Ignite with native persistence
  • The best practices for configuration and tuning

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