GoldenGate: A Solution to Issues of Space and Latency

When it comes to extracting actionable knowledge from data, there are two really important variables: the amount of data analyzed, and the speed of analysis. The amount of data available for analysis is piling up at a phenomenal rate, causing problems with finding room and time to analyze that data without hurting operations. Turning this data deluge into an asset has become a key priority for IT executives. Data analysis used to be done with backups of the database in off-peak hours. But in today's demanding IT environment, there isn't really an off-peak moment, and data gets stale fast. Accurate analysis requires fresh data. In many operations, two-minute-old data is expected, two-hour-old data is suspect, and two-day-old data is useless. A major solution to issues of space and latency is Oracle GoldenGate — a program designed for the easy and fast replication and migration of data from many sources to many sources.

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