The ISV’s Checklist For Cloud-Scale Database Management Systems

Technological change is happening faster than at any other time in history. One outcome is the creation of new competition for Independent Software Vendors (ISV). The outcome of that new competition is a need to re-evaluate your business model and create more highly differentiated offerings.
As cloud computing has risen out of the “trough of disillusionment” into the mainstream, ISVs have headed to the cloud for more reasons than just leveraging it as a technical enabler or a cost saver. Your customers are demanding the kind of speed and flexibility that only the cloud can provide. They may also be expecting your software to do things it didn’t do before. Like scale out/in on demand - to name just one of the new expectations.
This paper examines these new requirements, suggests how to differentiate your solution through the selection of your database, and discusses how your cloud strategy must include a true cloud database architecture. This paper is not about making incremental improvements when you make the move to the cloud. It’s about leapfrogging ahead without having to give up key tools like SQL or having to re-write applications.

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