TransLattice Elastic Database 3.0

Virtualization and the move to cloud computing represent major challenges for relational database management systems that can require hundreds of CPUs to meet business demands. While virtualization and cloud computing offer costsavings and the potential to resolve burst-capacity requirements, high-end enterprise systems are unable to take advantage due to scalability issues. TransLattice Elastic Database (TED) is the first geographically distributed relational database management system (RDBMS) that spans multiple sites simultaneously. TED’s performance and reliability are not determined by conditions at any single site because there is no single point of vulnerability. TED is truly a single database without a single repository designed to allow any application to move to the cloud or virtualized environments while providing superior availability, reliability and accessibility.

Table of Contents

  • Page 3 Introduction 
  • Page 3 Overview
  • Page 4 What is TransLattice Elastic Database 3.0? 
  • Page 4 TransLattice Clusters
  • Page 4 Node Architecture 
  • Page 5 Unified Cluster Management 
  • Page 5 Intelligent Networking
  • Page 5 Integrated Object Policy and Placement
  • Page 6 Predictive Data Engine
  • Page 6 Distributed Query Management
  • Page 6 SQL Support and MVCC
  • Page 6 Conclusion

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