May 24, 2018

News Flashes

Technology is constantly changing, and IT architects need to keep up with modern developments to ensure that their companies are achieving the best possible return on their IT investment.

With the rise of big data, there is the need to leverage a wider variety of data sources as quickly as possible for real-time decision making in mission-critical environments.

Paul Sonderegger, senior data strategist, Oracle, looked at the way data technologies are evolving to help organizations extract more value from the wealth of data being collected during a keynote at Data Summit 2018.

Silicon Valley has achieved an almost mythical status in both modern American popular culture as well as the annals of world economic history, write Michael Corey and Don Sullivan in a new Big Data Quarterly article.

Think About It

Digitization is transforming business faster than ever before—with software and technology now deeply ingrained in the core of organizations' operations and business functions, rather than siloed in IT. While companies reap the benefits of digital transformation, not every organization is prepared for the double-edged sword that comes with the widespread implementation of software and technology: audits.