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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
August 2011

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Host Tom Wilson, president of DBTA and Unisphere Research, set the stage for this recent webcast by noting that a study among DBTA subscribers revealed that 43% of respondents are evaluating new data management strategies and nearly 20% are currently evaluating NoSQL databases. A key technical attribute of graph databases is that everything about the database is optimized around data relationships, Darren Wood, InfiniteGraph architect and lead developer, explained as part of his overview of graph databases. While that may sound like a relational database, it is actually quite different, he emphasized.

NorthgateArinso has received another seal of approval after guiding credit information powerhouse National Group Management Corp. through a problem-free migration to Reality, the company's MultiValue SQL-enabled database environment. NGMC, a one-stop shop for credit information within the service industry, deals with clients on both a domestic and international level. The company migrated from its previous database management system to Reality in November in order to take advantage of the greater functionality that Reality provided.

The rise of big data has garnered much of the attention in the data management arena lately. But it is not simply the sheer volume of data that is challenging data professionals. Many new types and brands of DBMSs are also popping up across organizations, bringing new problems for the data professionals who are tasked with managing them, and also giving rise to scores of "accidental database administrators" with no formal DBA training, a new Unisphere Research study reveals. The results of the survey are explained in a report titled "Data Cross-Currents: 2011 Survey on Cross-Platform Database Administration," now available from Quest Software.

Rocket's free U2 DataVu Query tool has been enhanced with new capabilities to combine users' queries and results. Users can filter and quickly create charts with just a couple of clicks. In addition, a new quick-start wizard guides users through the steps to connect to U2 data. According to Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket U2, DataVu 2.0 delivers major new features. "Our customers are excited about the new one-click chart generation feature, which allows you to select columns from a query result and with one click turn them into the chart of your choice."

The Revelation Users' Conference will be held October 4-7 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aside from the customary mix of technical and training sessions, Revelation will be providing two, in-depth OpenInsight for Web (O4W) training sessions at this year's conference.

Think About It

In last month's column, "2012 Might Really Be the End of the World as We Know It," I described a number of major developments in the IT industry that are likely to disrupt the life of database professionals everywhere. I categorize those four disrupters - virtualization, cloud computing, solid state drives (SSD), and advanced multi-core CPUs - into two broad groups. I'm going to continue an analysis of these disruptive technologies in inverse order. Today, let's discuss SSDs.