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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
May 2011

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Rocket U2 has recently posted additional recorded webinars to its site, providing users with good way to learn about new product features at a time that is convenient to you. They also allow users to replay a session, should they want to refresh their memory.

River Parishes Community College (RPCC) is an open-admission, 2-year, public institution. It is located in the small Ascension Parish town of Sorrento in what is known as the River Parishes region of the state because of the parishes' proximity to the Mississippi River. RPCC recently implemented a new self-service student portal based on Revelation Software's Web 2.0 toolkit, OpenInsight for Web (O4W). The new portal allows students to accomplish a range of tasks on their own, such as scheduling classes, without requiring assistance from school administrators.

Entrinsik has announced that J.W. Terrill, which provides property and casualty, and employee benefit products and services, has selected Entrinik's Informer software for its automated scheduling and distribution capabilities, Live Excel integration capabilities and multiple output operations. The agency is using Vertafore's Sagitta agency management system and had been manually creating and distributing recurring reports, and using Excel to customize the reports and create-user specific versions. They would then distribute the reports via email attachments.

MITS, a provider of advanced reporting and analytics solutions, has announced the addition of John Podrebarac to the MITS sales team in the role of account manager.

Think About It

The rise of "big data" solutions - often involving the increasingly common Hadoop platform - together with the growing use of sophisticated analytics to drive business value - such as collective intelligence and predictive analytics - has led to a new category of IT professional: the data scientist.