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Five Minute Briefing - Oracle
October 17, 2018

Published in conjunction with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), this bi-weekly publication contains news, market research, insight for the Oracle ecosystem, as well as IOUG news and information. Subscribers also receive IOUG ResearchWire, a bi-monthly reseach report for the Oracle community.

News Flashes

These days, clouds are everywhere, providing today's database managers with an impressive range of options to choose from—including public cloud, private cloud, and, for most, somewhere in between in the hybrid realm. There may be multiple variations within a single organization, and these distinct hybrid environments are constantly evolving as well. These may be "intentional" and "accidental" hybrid environments, but accidental or not, "variety" is the watchword for many hybrid projects.

Oracle and NVIDIA have announced that Oracle is the first public cloud provider to support the NVIDIA HGX-2 platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, helping to meet the needs of the next generation of analytics, machine learning and  artificial intelligence (AI). The companies are also announcing the general availability of support for GPU-accelerated deep learning and high performance computing (HPC) containers from the (NGC) container registry on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Coined nearly 10 years ago by Patrick Debois, the term "DevOps" is now broadly accepted as a methodology by which software development teams and IT operations teams work collaboratively for a continuous delivery approach.  The methodology puts a premium on speed. With the 10-year anniversary coming up, leading IT executives offer their DevOps predictions for 2019.

Think About It

We've all seen the movie about the kidnap victim whose family asks for a "proof of life." The proof is typically a photograph of the victim posed with a current newspaper. Blockchain technology is now allowing us to provide similar proofs for the existence of digital assets. The immutable nature of the blockchain—the fact that it is impossible to overwrite time-stamped blockchain ledger entries—allows us to create "proof of existence" entries for digital assets.

IOUG News and Information

We are excited to be heading to San Antonio next April, so join 5,500+ Oracle technology professionals for the largest independently run Oracle conference in the world.

The COLLABORATE 19 Call for Content is now open! Consider submitting a non-traditional session for consideration for next year's conference in San Antonio, Texas. Need some inspiration? Michelle Kolbe shares fresh ideas in this video. 

Numerous Cloud providers continue to accentuate the positive implications of moving Oracle databases from enterprise systems like Exadata to a Cloud-centric environment such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or the Oracle Cloud. However, promises of lower licensing costs, improved application workload performance, and simpler system governance and orchestration have often been dashed when reality sets in.

Oracle provides informational resources, including educational events, webcasts, and white papers.

Registration for COLLABORATE 19, the premier Oracle users conference, is now open! COLLABORATE 19 is offering its exceptional education and vast networking opportunities in a new location of San Antonio, Texas from April 7-11, 2019.

Organizations have adopted the cloud with open arms and for good reason, but not without challenges.