August 2011 - UPDATE

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Trends and Applications

Virtualization is such a broad term and a hot topic among IT professionals. However, just because your organization has conquered server virtualization, or is well underway with confidence, if you proceed with the same desktop virtualization practices, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Rampant data growth has been the stimuli to over-spending on data storage. Technology advances have enabled us to gather more data faster than any time in our history. This has been beneficial in many ways and has provided businesses more data that can enable them to optimize their sales, marketing, customer relations and product offerings. Unfortunately, in order to keep pace with data growth, businesses have had to provision more and more storage capacity, costing them millions of dollars.

Informatica Corporation has announced the availability of what the company describes as the industry's first dynamic data masking (DDM) solution. Informatica Dynamic Data Masking provides real-time, policy-driven obfuscation of sensitive data to address a wide range of common data security and privacy challenges without requiring any changes to database or application source code and is intended to address problems that cannot be solved by other technologies such as IAM (identity access management), SDM (static data masking). Informatica Dynamic Data Masking is based on technology developed by ActiveBase, which was acquired by Informatica in July, 2011.

Endeca Technologies, Inc., an information management software company, has unveiled native integration of Endeca Latitude with Apache Hadoop. "This native integration between Endeca Latitude and Hadoop brings together big data processing from Hadoop and interactive search, exploration and analysis from Latitude," says Paul Sonderegger, chief strategist of Endeca Technologies.

Objectivity, Inc., a database provider, is releasing a commercial version of InfiniteGraph, a distributed and scalable graph database designed to enable a new, cost effective, and efficient way of navigating multiple types of databases for discovery of deeper and more relevant intelligence, enabling real-time decision support. InfiniteGraph already has a large following of users within government agencies, says Jay Jarrell, president and CEO of Objectivity.