August 2016 - UPDATE

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Trends and Applications

While Hadoop can store and access vast amounts of detailed data at lower costs, businesses are still encountering high-performance demands and they face a bevy of business questions. Emerging in-memory frameworks, such as Apache Spark and SAP HANA Vora, are enabling enterprises with the tools to overcome the limitations of batch-oriented processing and achieve real-time, iterative access to data on Hadoop clusters.

Many tools promise that users will gain rapid insights and create more flexibility by capturing and storing data, but introducing NoSQL database technologies into the data warehouse and analytics infrastructure is an approach that can yield faster and more flexible results.

SHARE recently wrapped up its summer conference in Atlanta. James Vincent, immediate past president of SHARE, reflected on the changes that have taken place in the IT industry during his tenure and the key takeaways from the event which took place July 31-August 5. "One takeaway is that SHARE is on the right track when it comes to its focus on the new IT generation, what we call zNextGen," said Vincent.

Being able to deliver a rapid response to problems is a core need for the modern enterprise. While many network "issues" can suffer a delay in response time, true problems such as security breaches and network outages cannot. Let's look at two situations that require a rapid response, five questions that IT never wants to hear, and one example of a solution that IT can implement.

Waterloo is known as the site of Napoleon's downfall. But it was the insufficiency of communication - a failure to deliver vital information concerning the proximity of enemy garrisons on the march - that deserves the lion's share of the blame. In the battle of conducting business today, information endures.