Database DevOps Special Report

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Trends and Applications

Today, organizations must deliver new applications, as well as application updates and patches, at a faster rate than ever before. DevOps principles address this challenge by focusing on a combination of tools, processes, and collaboration among development and operations teams to enable more agile and integrated workflows for development, test, and deployment. It sounds great. The problem is that this streamlined approach often does not incorporate the database.

Zions Bancorporation wanted to ensure that there is continuous software delivery in a fully automated fashion that includes all aspects and layers of the product stack. A key goal was to enable delivery teams to be self-sufficient, without handoffs or silos in other organizations or disciplines.

PASS was confident in its ability to enhance and improve the events, content, and learning opportunities PASS offers, but it had two big concerns with the database. First, making changes to the database was a cumbersome process. Second, the implementation of the EU's GDPR requires new protocols.

Like many healthcare organizations, SelectHealth's IT team struggled to move quickly, while building innovative, high-quality experiences for customers, and to bring existing services to scale. To accelerate application development, quickly onboard global partners, and revamp its organizational, regulatory, and compliance policies, SelectHealth pursued a platform-based approach.