July 2015

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Trends and Applications

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is quoted as saying, "What's dangerous is to not evolve." His company has followed this mantra to the point where you can't tell any more if Amazon is a retail, media, or tech company. Organizations must follow Bezos' advice when it comes to evolving their digital analytics efforts or choose to live dangerously in an increasingly data-driven world.

It is still early days for Spark, and despite the promise it holds, companies are just now working through how best to use it, how to integrate it within their existing environments, and how to make the most of its libraries and other built-in capabilities. To provide more information and thought leadership on the open source framework, IBM, which recently announced a major commitment to Apache Spark, sponsored a DBTA webcast.

Midstate Mutual Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance in New York State, through insurance products that are sold exclusively through independent agencies located throughout upstate New York. To meet escalating information technology requirements and stay successful, Midstate, a longtime Revelation Software customer, has evolved to offer online access at any time, and from any device through separate, dedicated portals for agents and customers.

As Agile development increases in popularity, companies have achieved faster time to market, reduced risk, and increased ability to manage changing priorities in their projects. However, what Agile means for the DBA team is more database deployments more often.

Columns - Applications Insight

Dystopian visions of a future in which automation eliminates the vast majority of jobs are nothing new. However, even though previous predictions of doom have been misplaced, there is new concern about the impact of the latest generation of automation on the nature of work and the prospects for universal employment in the future. In particular, we're increasingly seeing automation disrupt jobs that were long considered to require human judgment or abilities.

Columns - Database Elaborations

Data governance is a touchy subject. Many organizations have tried to build a practice…and failed. Other organizations feel too daunted to even try. IT in particular has a very conflicted relationship with data governance.

Columns - DBA Corner

You'd be surprised at the variety of sages that have uttered pithy pieces of wisdom that prove useful in some way to DBAs. So with that in mind, let's review some of the could-have-been-DBAs through history by reviewing their own words!

Columns - SQL Server Drill Down

The Microsoft data platform team is on fire! It is delivering more updates and features faster and more thoroughly than ever before. If you're a data professional and you're using the Microsoft stack, this is a really exciting time to be involved. Here's a look at the top new capabilities in SQL Server 2016 Public Preview, SSIS Feature Packs For Azure, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

MV Community

IT and data management technologies have expanded greatly over the past few years with new methods to leverage a wealth of data. However, as innovative approaches to managing and accessing data such as Hadoop, cloud and NoSQL, have emerged, tried and true technologies such as MultiValue have also remained as important as ever.

Rocket has announced there will be an updated version of Rocket U2 Web DE coming this quarter, and that D3 connection pooling is now available. In addition, the company says registration for Rocket MultiValue University (MVU) is now open.

A lot has happened in the MultiValue database market over the last 50 years. Mark Pick, CEO of Pick Cloud, will reflect on 50 years of Pick and what is to come in the future in a presentation at the Zayo Group's (formerly Latisys) data center in Irvine