Real-Time Analytics from the Factory to the Cloud with HVR and Predix


TUESDAY, JANUARY 30 - 9am PT / 12pm ET

As the industrial age is morphing into the digital age, how do traditional factories evolve? Modern demands require manufacturers to have the ability to support faster production, vary product output at a moment's notice, lower power consumption and eliminate waste all while improving throughput and efficiency. Having the ability to manage costs and make decisions based on real-time information has become even more critical. Not only that, but how do you best consolidate the data from the factory floor to the teams that need it for analysis?

In this webinar, learn how GE Digital, working with HVR, architected a solution to enable factories to reduce costs and drive efficiencies by performing real-time analytics in the cloud.

Join GE's Principal Cloud Architect Pete Sage, GE Product Manager Bett Bollhoefer, and HVR CTO Mark Van de Wiel in this webinar. They will discuss how the solution empowers factories to achieve analytics in the cloud for real-time decision making. In this webinar, you will learn about the business challenges they help their customer overcome and how the solution is architected.

Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research
and DBTA
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Pete Sage
Principal Cloud Architect
Bett Bollhoefer
Product Manager
Mark Van de Wiel