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What Supercharged, "Hungry" Real-time AI/ML Looks Like


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is all around us today from recommendation engines that serve up internet ads to conducting fraud checks as we process our digital payments. But not all machine learning/artificial intelligence is the same: some is built with offline models whereas others are built with real-time infrastructure. The more information you can feed your online AI/ML, the better it performs. You could even claim they are always hungry for more information. But how much can you supply in real-time and how?

In this webinar, learn:
  • The key characteristics between offline and online AI/ML
  • Why more data is better, and how it can impact your business
  • AI/ML real-time use cases deployed today
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Brian Bulkowski
CTO & Founder
Matt Bushell
Director of Product Marketing
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA