Kafka Architecture 101

How Express Scripts Ensured the Health and Performance of Their Existing Database Infrastructure While Preparing For the Future

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 - 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


Since its early days at LinkedIn, Kafka has exploded in use across thousands of companies by delivering a fast, scalable solution for handling real-time data feeds.

Join us for a special webcast on September 26th to learn how Kafka can help you eliminate data bottlenecks. Mike Shurtz, Quest’s very own Oracle Certified Professional DBA (OCP), will provide insights on:

  • What distributed messaging is, and how it works
  • The origins of Kafka and needs it addresses
  • Kafka terminology and architecture 
  • And what tools you can you use to help you move your data more efficiently.

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Mike Shurtz
Pre-Sales Consultant
Quest Software
Stephen Faig
Research Director
Unisphere Research and DBTA