DBTA's NoSQL in the Data Intensive Enterprise

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 201011:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

The First in an Educational Series of Webcasts from Database Trends and Applications (DBTA)

Dive into NoSQL today with DBTA. This is the first in a planned series of webcasts from DBTA on NoSQL database technology. What is NoSQL and how do these databases meet new requirements in an age when data growth is surging and the demand for speed and analytics is taxing current relational database approaches? Join DBTA, InfiniteGraph, a business unit of Objectivity, Inc. and Riptano for this introductory webcast and get up-to-speed quickly on the database technology that enables some of the most data intensive and mission critical systems in the world today. The hour-long program will provide information in the following areas and will include a question-and-answer opportunity at the end of the webcast:

  • What is "NoSQL" and what issues does this technology address that are problematic in relational database management systems?
  • How do the NoSQL solutions address current and emerging issues in database management?
  • What are the important considerations when looking at NoSQL for their production environments?
  • How can I get training and support for NoSQL deployments?

Join our panelists, InfiniteGraph, a business unit of Objectivity, Inc., and Riptano, along with host Tom Wilson, President of DBTA and Unisphere Research on October 21st 2010, register now!

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Tom Wilson
DBTA and Unisphere Research
Warren Davidson
Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances
InfiniteGraph, a business unit of Objectivity, Inc.
Jonathan Ellis
Project Chair of Apache Cassandra
& Co-Founder