Optimizing Oracle PL/SQL Applications to Boost Performance

11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

Part 2: Turbocharge Oracle PL/SQL Performance!

Oracle PL/SQL lies at the core of hundreds of thousands of applications around the world, so it is extremely important that this code run as efficiently as possible. In this concluding session of our two-part series, Steven Feuerstein, one of the world's leading Oracle PL/SQL experts, explores features of the PL/SQL language that can have a dramatic, order-of-magnitude impact on the performance of PL/SQL program units.

Specific techniques covered include:

  • High-speed querying with BULK COLLECT
  • Lightning fast DML with FORALL
  • The Oracle11g Function Result Cache

We will wrap-up the webcast with a demonstration of how Toad can help you implement these techniques and also identify and resolve issues in your SQL statements. Join us on Thursday October 27, and you will walk away with a new appreciation for just how fast your PL/SQL code can run!

Tom Wilson
DBTA and Unisphere Research
Steven Feuerstein
PL/SQL Evangelist, Quest Software
Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!