Fast and Easy Analytics: Unlocking the Value of Big Data Today

THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2013 - 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
Every business collects data, and for most organizations today, it is being generated in greater size and variety than ever before, but here’s the reality about Big Data: it’s only valuable if you can use it to help your business grow. Your company could be sitting on a goldmine of data about its customers and marketplace, but if you can’t quickly extract actionable insight from that data, it has no worth - you’re missing the opportunities.

Fortunately, taking advantage of your Big Data assets to drive better business decision-making doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of the web giants like Google and Amazon, although it does require new approaches. Join us for this special webcast on June 20th to learn how your organization can unlock the value of Big Data today. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the key challenges, technology considerations and best practices to realizing fast and easy analytics from Big Data. Reserve your seat today.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!
Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research and DBTA
Joseph McKendrick
Lead Research Analyst
Unisphere Research