Run Cloudera in the Public Cloud: A Live Demo

Jeff Katzen
Director of Cloud Business Solutions
Kent Mitchell
Sr. Business Development Evangelist
Stephen Faig
Business Development Manager
Unisphere Research and DBTA
When it comes to a new idea, like doing NoSQL or Big Data in the public cloud, there is no substitute for actually trying it. In this live online workshop, look over the shoulder of one of the industry’s leading cloud open source experts as he drives the Cloudera instance on the CenturyLink Cloud stack.
  • See the end user experience delivered by the high-performing Century Link Cloud powered by Intel Cloud Technology, using Intel Xeon processors and Intel SSDs.
  • In real time, you will see a demonstration on how easy it can be to set up Hadoop using a Cloudera instance in the cloud.
  • With live question and answer, you and the presenter can discuss best practices for making data management work in the public cloud.
  • After viewing the presentation, you will be eligible for a free trial account at CenturyLink Cloud so you can access it and try it for yourself.
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