Pricchaa Offers Free Tool for Protecting Sensitive Data in AWS

Pricchaa has released a free solution for detecting, encrypting, and monitoring sensitive data housed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  

While AWS S3 and Redshift come with a number of options to secure data from external threats, data breach risk remains high due to insider threats, which is defined as the risk of sensitive data loss due to intentional or unintentional actions by authorized users, contractors, and third-party vendors. Sixty percent of all data breach loss (i.e., $37 billion) incurred by U.S. businesses in 2016 can be attributed to insider threats, according to the vendor.

Pricchaa's solutions are aimed at protecting sensitive information when large volumes of data in a variety of format moves at a very high speed.

Pricchaa says its solution for AWS can parse billions of S3 and Redshift records to identify sensitive data records. Once it identifies the sensitive data files, tables, Pricchaa solution will continuously monitor the usage to these folders to detect unusual internal usage leveraging machine learning. The free solution allows up to 5GB of data processing per day.

Pricchaa leverages machine learning algorithms to inspect transactions housed within various repositories such as Office 365 (One Drive, Sharepoint, Outlook, Dynamics, etc.), S3, Redshift, HDFS (Apache, MapR, Cloudera, HortonWorks), HBASE, CASSANDRA, MONGO DB, Kafka , Vertica, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and DB2.  It also supports various data types such as Parquet, Text, Rich Text, MS Office, Open Office; PDF, zip files, JSON and XML formats.

Pricchaa is a partner of Cloudera, Hortonwork, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

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