Data Summit Call for Speakers

We’re excited to announce that the call for speakers is officially open for the fifth annual Data Summit conference, to be held this year in Boston, May 22-23, 2018. Click here to submit your proposal. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 29, 2017.

The conference will revolve around these major themes:

  • Succeeding with Big Data in the Real World
  • Harnessing the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Moving to a Modern Data Architecture
  • The Future of Data Warehousing
  • Overcoming Big Data Integration Challenges
  • Supercharging Your Data
  • Maximizing Cloud Technology
  • Building Large Scale Data Lakes
  • The In-Memory Revolution
  • Making the Shift from Relational to NoSQL
  • Going from Traditional BI to Data Discovery
  • Unlocking the Power of Data Science
  • Preparing for the Internet of Things
  • Increasing Your Agility Through Virtualization and Cloud
  • Navigating the “As-a- Service” Landscape
  • Maintaining Data Governance and Security in the Big Data World

We also have two special days: Hadoop Day and Spark Day, as well as a new co-located event, Cognitive Computing Summit. If you are interested in speaking at this new event, click here.

Data Summit focuses on both the business and technical aspects of data management and analysis and how it is transforming the business world. Whether you are an IT practitioner or a business stakeholder, we encourage you to consider participating in this exciting conference.

The audience at Data Summit is well-informed and tech-savvy. We are looking for dynamic speakers who can "wow" these professionals with insights and expertise on key technologies and strategies that work in the real world. How have you capitalized on new data sources, empowered your users, increased efficiency, or successfully implemented new technologies? What business problems have you solved? What tips do you have for organizations with similar projects?

We would like a mix a formal presentations and interactive panel participation.Case studies that demonstrate practical uses of data are particularly welcome. Feel free to suggest something different from a normal conference presentation—we like creativity!

Possible topics (but don't let this limit your imagination!):

  • Big Data Success Stories
  • The Business of Data: Defining Your Strategy
  • Innovation: Failing Fast, Succeeding Fast
  • Aligning IT and Business on Big Data Projects
  • Selecting the Right Data Platform for Your Needs
  • Managing Data as an Asset
  • Making Big Data User-Centric
  • Navigating Hybrid Data Environments
  • Architecting a Modern Data Platform
  • The In-Memory Revolution
  • Database Design for Big Data Workloads
  • Going from Relational to NoSQL
  • Building Modern Applications with NoSQL
  • Data Modeling for Big Data
  • The Journey to the Logical Data Warehouse
  • Using Data Warehouse Automation Tools
  • Streamlining Your ETL Pipeline
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud
  • Supercharging Your Operational Data Stores
  • Optimization Strategies for Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Overcoming Data Silos through New Integration Techniques
  • Driving Agility through Data Virtualization
  • Integrating Hadoop into Your BI Environment
  • Enterprise Hadoop Use Cases
  • Taking Advantage of SQL-on-Hadoop Solutions
  • Unlocking the Power of the Data Lake
  • Data Engineering for the Internet of Things
  • Analyzing the Internet of Things
  • Machine-Learning with Spark
  • Launching New Analytics Projects
  • The Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Speeding Up Data Wrangling Jobs
  • Designing Machine-Learning Applications
  • Improving Your Operations Through Real-Time Data
  • Using Data Discovery to Unlock New Insights
  • Data Analysis with R
  • Data Analysis with Hive and Pig
  • Driving Value from Streaming Analytics
  • Extracting New Insights through Enterprise Search
  • Building New Predictive Models
  • Achieving a 360-Degree View of Your Customers
  • Creating a Real-Time Decision Engine
  • Developing Hadoop Applications
  • Moving Your Development Environment to the Cloud
  • The Convergence of Big Data & Cloud Computing
  • The Rise of Data-as-a-Service
  • Connecting Your SaaS Apps Across the Enterprise
  • Private, Public or Hybrid? Finding the Right Cloud Balance
  • New Storage Strategies for Big Data
  • Future-Proofing Your Data Center
  • Securing Data in Hadoop and the Cloud
  • The Need for Big Data Governance
  • Big Data and the Future of Privacy 
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Data Security
  • Funding Challenges

Come share your knowledge, your approaches, and your experiences at the 2018 Data Summit conference. IT practitioners and business stakeholders alike can contribute.

Submit your proposal to speak now!
Remember, the deadline is December 29, 2017.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Data Summit 2018!

Marydee Ojala
Conference Program Director

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