Paul A Tatro

Blockchain U Online

Picture of Paul A TatroPaul is the author of the #1 bestselling book in two categories on Amazon, Blockchain Unchained, The Illustrated Guide to Understanding Blockchain.  He is also the Founder of Blockchain U Online, the first self-study Certified Blockchain Professional curriculum on the market and host of the “Blockchain U Unchained Hour” which is a weekly radio show available on Blockchain.Radio.  Paul has taught technical seminars on over 30 different topics including programming languages, database administration/design and customized courses for specific customers.  He has also authored 6 different curriculums including the Certified Blockchain Professional curriculum and taught part-time at Delta College in Saginaw, MI.  He is a software executive with core skills in education, international expansion, sales, sales support, curriculum development, and operational management.  Paul has been a member of four start-up teams with two of the start-ups publicly traded on Nasdaq.  Paul has executive management experience in international distribution/operations, sales, sales support, training and professional seminars with extensive experience in Blockchain, public safety, retail, banking, system software, and telecom verticals, deploying enterprise software, first responder, treasury management, video conferencing, and offender management solutions. Paul has developed both direct and indirect sales and support operations in 52 countries. Prior to Founding Blockchain U Online, Paul was Executive Vice President of Technical Services and International Operations for Global Tel*Link.  Paul has degrees in Accounting and Data Processing.  Paul also has a very high emotional intelligence which allows him to work effortlessly across many cultures and countries. He lives with his wife of 40 years, Pam, in Michigan.  See Paul’s full work history at his LinkedIn Profile.


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