Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015

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Hortonworks, Inc.
Hortonworks Data Platform 2.2—the latest version of the enterprise-ready Hadoop platform comprises more than 100 new and advanced features, including recent innovations in Apache Hadoop and its related ecosystem of projects

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
HP HAVEn—a big data analytics platform leveraging HP’s analytics software, hardware, and services to create the next generation of big data-ready analytics applications and solutions

IBM (International Business Machines, Corp.)
IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration—next-generation database technology with Blu Acceleration provides high performance by delivering instant insight from real-time operational data and historical data

Informatica Corp.
Informatica Big Data Edition—provides an efficient way to integrate all types of data on Hadoop at any scale without having to learn Hadoop

Robert Nagle, InterSystemsInterSystems
InterSystems Caché—a data platform that supports structured and unstructured, SQL and NoSQL, centralized and distributed—and enables analytics at the point of action

Product Spotlight by Robert Nagle, Vice President of Database Platforms

The world is awash in database systems. That’s evident when you look at the dizzying range of vendors in the market today, from tiny startups to gargantuan relational database vendors.

InterSystems Caché® is our flagship data platform, used worldwide in industries with the most demanding performance requirements. In addition to ranking among the DBTA Trend-Setting Products, Caché was recently recognized as a Leader in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Operational DBMS ... read on.

IRI, The CoSort Company
IRI Workbench—a GUI and IDE for IRI software products that combines the performance of IRI software engines with the familiar job design and management facilities of Eclipse

Jethrodata Inc.
Jethrodata—an index-based SQL engine for Hadoop that delivers interactive BI and fast ad hoc queries

Kognitio Analytical Platform—scale-out in-memory, MPP, not-only-SQL software technology, optimized for lowlatency data loading and complex analytical workloads

Ken Dickinson, Kore TechnologiesKore Technologies
KommerceServer eCommerce Suite Release 5.3—provides ecommerce web storefront and web portal solutions that are designed to be integrated with an existing enterprise application, as well as an advanced framework for building and maintaining ecommerce applications

Product Spotlight by Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

B2B or not B2B? That is the question as many organizations look to improve their online presence. Typically, business-to-business (B2B) solutions focus on providing existing customers with conveniences to encourage loyalty. These products are often difficult to change and lack the key features to attract new consumers. Business-toconsumer (B2C) solutions have the tools to expand markets, are easy to implement and change; however, integration is an afterthought. An organization can find itself cornered with a B2B website with limited content, or with a content-rich B2C website that’s impractical to integrate as the business grows ... read on

LexisNexis Risk Solutions
HPCC Systems Platform 5.0—a data-intensive supercomputing platform designed to process and deliver big data analytical solutions

MapR Technologies, Inc.
MapR M7—providing an enterprise distribution for Apache Hadoop, M7 includes an enterprise-grade online database, and is built for running both operational and analytical workloads in the same cluster

MarkLogic Corp.
MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform on AWS GovCloud—allows U.S. government agencies and contractors to move to a cloud environment, set up short-term cloud deployments, or adopt a hybrid infrastructure that includes AWS GovCloud (US)

Bud Walker, Melissa DataMelissa Data Corp.
Melissa Data SmartMover—a real-time cloud-based service that allows organizations to update the addresses of U.S. and Canada customers that have recently moved to reduce wasted printing and postage

Product Spotlight by Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions

Contact data is always in flux. Customers move, change jobs, retire, die, get married or divorced—causing the stored data to become flawed. In fact, roughly 43 million Americans move each year, which in turn, affects the accuracy and usefulness of data used for communications, analytics, and compliance ... read on.

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