DBTA 100 2014 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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MicroStrategy, Inc.
Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO
MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise software platforms, offers platforms for analytics, mobile, identity and loyalty—on-premises and in the cloud. With over 25% of the company’s workforce and nearly $100 million annually dedicated to R&D, the company holds over 80 patents.

MongoDB, Inc.
Dwight Merriman, Chairman & Co-Founder
MongoDB, Inc. is the company behind the MongoDB open source, document-oriented NoSQL database system that provides high performance, high availability, and scalability. Enabling new use cases, the latest MongoDB release offers text search, enterprise-grade security, and additional analytical capabilities.

Ntirety, a Division of HOSTING
Michael Corey, President, Ntirety
Ntirety—the total data experts—helps companies manage the entire data lifecycle, from basic data infrastructure to advanced data analytics through a hands-on approach paired with services such as database administration as a service, consulting services, DBA on-demand, application and database performance as a service, and cloud services.

Michael Corey, President, Ntirety

View from the Top by Michael Corey, President, Ntirety

In the late 90’s, I recognized that the Internet made it possible for a company to provide high quality DBA services to anyone in the world from Boston in a safe and secure manner. Ntirety, a pioneer of Remote DBA Services (RDBA), is the direct result of that recognition. Companies face many of the same issues today as back then. Not enough good DBAs to go around ... read on

NuoDB, Inc.
Barry Morris, CEO & Co-Founder
NewSQL database company NuoDB provides a cloud data management system that offers SQL compliance and guaranteed ACID transactions, the flexibility of scale out/in to respond to changes in demand, and enables distribution of a single, logical database across multiple geographies to meet the needs of cloud-scale apps.

Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Vice President, Marketing & Operations

View from the Top by Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Vice President, Marketing Operations

More people need more access to more data all of the time. Traditional relational databases focus on moving data on and off disks through the narrow window of their cache using a single central point of control. That 30-year architecture, based on a client/server-computing paradigm, still dominates today’s business systems ... read on.

Objectivity, Inc.
John J. Jarrell, CEO
NoSQL database provider Objectivity helps companies leverage big data to uncover hidden relationships and ask deeper and more complex questions with its distributed graph database and scalable object management database technology.

 John J. Jarrell, CEO

View from the Top by John J. Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity Inc.’s embedded database software helps you discover and unlock the hidden value in your Big Data for improved real-time intelligence and decision support. Unlike other solutions, Objectivity focuses on storing, managing and searching the connection details between data. Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph enable customers to understand the metadata within the edges (connections) that connect nodes (objects) ... read on.

Oracle Corp.
Lawrence J. Ellison, CEO
With the philosophy that business innovation can be achieved by simplifying IT and engineering out complexity, Oracle provides a complete stack of integrated hardware and software systems, and industryspecific solutions that address complicated business processes—in the cloud and in the data center.

ParStream GmbH
Peter M. Jensen, CEO
Providing a distributed, massively parallel processing columnar database based on a shared-nothing architecture, ParStream’s technology provides fast response times on billions of large volumes while continuously importing new data.

PeterMJensen, CEO

View from the Top by Peter M. Jensen, CEO

Fast Data—the simultaneous analysis of historical data and live, streaming data—is the next evolutionary step in big data analytics. For most businesses, maximizing ROI of big data initiatives mean a focus on velocity. Immediate, meaningful insights on massive amounts of data mean actionable intelligence in real-time, resulting in improved business processes and new revenue streams ... read on.

Pentaho Corp.
Quentin Gallivan, Chairman & CEO
Pentaho offers an integrated, embeddable platform built for diverse and big data analytics. A heritage in open source development drives Pentaho’s innovation in data access, visualization, integration, analysis, and mining.

Percona, LLC
Peter Zaitsev, Founder & CEO
Percona is an independent MySQL support, consulting, remote DBA, training, and software development company with a global, 24x7 staff serving customers in more than 50 countries, and also hosts MySQL-centered events.

Pick Cloud, Inc.
Mark Pick, President & CEO
Pick Cloud is a MultiValue database-as-a-service provider specializing in public and private cloud solutions to enable a cost-effective, secure environment while preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications.

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