DBTA 100 2017 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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A NoSQL database, MongoDB uses a document data model that is similar to JSON to provide flexibility that allows development teams to evolve the data model rapidly as its application requirements change.

Navicat (PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.)
Offering a cost-effective DB tool for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL development and management, Navicat aims to provide easy access to six databases for different operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS.


Navicat is the leading and award-winning management and development software used and trusted by over 150,000 users from over 138 countries. One of its top-rated products, Navicat on.

Helping enterprises uncover information from massive volumes of data and sources, Objectivity delivers graph analytics platforms that power mission-critical applications for the most demanding and complex datasets.

ObjectivityVIEW FROM THE TOP BY John J. Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity has been powering analytics and relationship discovery in some of the most demanding, complex, operational systems within manufacturing plant operations, medical equipment, building control systems, oil and gas exploration, avionics design, and defense and intelligence organizations for on.

Offering an integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems that combine hardware and software, Oracle seeks to provide customers with deployment flexibility and benefits, including application integration, advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, performance, and low total cost of ownership.


Oracle Cloud delivers the industry’s broadest and most integrated cloud, offering services across SaaS, PaaS, and on.

Providing a data preparation application that sits on top of an enterprise-scale platform built on Hadoop and powered by Spark, Paxata increases users’ analytic productivity on managing data volumes and reduces the risk of data chaos.

After acquiring Tokutek, including the Tokutek distribution of MongoDB, called TokuMX, Percona offers design, service, support, and remote management for both an ACID-compliant NoSQL database as well as MySQL.

Progress Software
With the conviction that standards-based access is key to a simplified process, regardless of the data’s format or location, Progress Software provides data connectivity and integration solutions for a range of sources and systems, on-premise and in the cloud.

Pure Storage
Offering an all-flash storage platform, Pure Storage provides all the storage services—block, VM, file, or object—users need to consolidate everything, whether databases, virtual machines, analytics, or webscale.

Pure StorageVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Scott Dietzen, CEO

Pure Storage helps companies push the boundaries of what’s possible. Pure's end-to-end data on.

Pythian (The Pythian Group)
As a global IT services company, Pythian specializes in designing, implementing, and managing systems that directly contribute to revenue and business success using disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, cloud, databases, DevOps, and infrastructure management.


When an organization adopts a program of data democratization, it empowers non-technical business users by letting them access and interact with data without the need for technical on.

QlikTech International
Qlik allows users to turn data into insights across all levels of the enterprise and provides a portfolio of products ranging from self-service visualization to guided and embedded analytics.

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