DBTA 100 2017 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Based on open Apache technologies, and including Spark, Hive, MapReduce, Pig, Oozie, and Sqoop, the Qubole Data Service platform enables a complete big data service to provide data analysts with a graphical interface, built-in connectors, and elastic cloud infrastructure.

Quest Software
Helping to solve complex technology and security problems that stand in the way of organizations’ ability to always be ready for what’s next, Quest Software offers solutions that can reduce the time and money spent on IT administration and security.

With data centers positioned across the globe, Rackspace provides a variety of managed services to support all cloud workloads, including a range of database-as-a-service options.

Redgate Software
Redgate provides a range of tools for database comparison, productivity, source control, and troubleshooting for developers and DBAs, allowing users to tap into Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, and MySQL.

RedgateVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Simon Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder

As companies and organizations come to rely more on technology, software development is moving faster than on.

Red Hat
Using a community-powered approach, Red Hat creates products and services spanning cloud, Linux, middleware, storage, and virtualization technologies.

Redis Labs
Providing an in-memory database platform for transactional, analytics, and hybrid deployments, Redis is available both as a service in major public, private, and hybrid clouds as well as a downloadable software, powering ecommerce, mobile, social, personalization and other real-time applications.

Redis Labs

VIEW FROM THE TOP BY Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer

Consumers demand micro-customized experiences and the terms “real-time,” “instant gratification” and “on-demand” represent real on.

RedPoint Global
RedPoint Global provides data management and customer engagement technology that helps organizations to optimize customer value and deliver their brand promise with contextual relevance across all touchpoints.

RedPointVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Dale Renner, CEO & Founder

It is commonly understood that customer engagement is one of the key foundational capabilities underpinning digital transformation on.

With a mission to help both business and IT teams “be right faster,” Reltio provides enterprise data-driven applications together with a modern data management PaaS to help organizations take the right actions, based on the right insights, to achieve the right results.


Today’s data management landscape offers so much technology to choose from—data lakes, data warehouses, big data analytics, MDM and BI on.

Revelation Software
Revelation Software provides a suite of development tools, a database, and related services that take full advantage of leading computing architectures and operating environments to ensure the preservation of information systems and application investments by its developer and user community.

RevelationVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Mike Ruane, President and CEO

As we roll out our OpenInsight 10.0 product, we’re keenly aware of the need to help our customers future-proof their applications. We see two major needs here: the platforms our software runs on, and the look and feel of those on.

Rocket Software
Helping customers prevent outages, as well as protect, store, share, and virtualize data, Rocket Software provides solutions and products across areas such as DBMSs and application servers, the mainframe, data migration, network management, virtualization, enterprise performance management, and BI and analytics.

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