DBTA 100 2024: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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United under the philosophy that bad data is bad business, Melissa is a global leader in data quality, address verification, and identity resolution, helping more than 10,000 businesses worldwide harness accurate data for a more compelling customer view.

View From the Top by Bud Walker CIO, Melissa

The transformative power of GenAI promises to drive real-time business success, from enhancing data-driven insight and productivity to improving fraud detection and customer experiences. Read more.

Dedicated to empowering every person and organization to achieve more, Microsoft delivers a wide array of services and solutions that cover desktop applications, relational database management technology, operating systems, search, and mobile devices both in the cloud and on-premise.

MongoDB enables innovators to unleash the power of software and data with a variety of platform services, tools, and self-managed offerings, including MongoDB Atlas, the multi-cloud developer data platform designed to accelerate and simplify how enterprises build with data.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo accelerates the adoption of data by reducing data downtime and offering end-to-end data observability, ensuring your team is the first to know and solve data breakages.

As the choice of more than 5 million database users all around the world, Navicat delivers a variety of database development, management, and administration tools for many of the major databases available today, including MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MariaDB, and more.

Navicat, a leading provider of comprehensive database management solutions, is proud to be recognized as one of the DBTA 100 companies that matter most in the data realm. Read more.

NetApp is an intelligent data infrastructure company that makes data infrastructures more seamless, dynamic, and high performing with unified data storage, integrated data services, and CloudOps solutions.

Nexla enables the automation of data engineering so that data can be ready-to-use, hassle-free, and with zero wait, powered using Nexsets or data products that make it easy for anyone to integrate, transform, deliver, and monitor data.

Uniting public cloud simplicity and agility with private cloud performance and security, Nutanix offers a unified platform to seamlessly integrate infrastructure and management for smooth operations across clouds.

OneTrust accelerates the trust transformation journey with the Trust Intelligence Platform, making it easier to build and demonstrate trust, measure and manage risk, and go beyond compliance.

The proven business value of analytics and AI’s promise drive organizations to collect, manage, and use more data. Read more.

Transforming the way organizations identify meaning across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information, Ontotext combines semantic graph databases with text mining and machine learning to bring data and content together.

Onymos makes building applications easier and cost-effective, delivering Features-as-a-Service for payments, login, biometrics, chat, data storage, geo-services, notifications, and more, allowing engineers to innovate and not waste time building software commodities.

View From the Top by Shiva Nathan CEO & Founder

Before I started Onymos, I considered if I, the head of platforms and services engineering at a Fortune 500 company, would stake any of my company’s applications on software components from another company? Read more.

On a mission to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities in a wide variety of industries, Oracle allows organizations to focus time and resources on adding value for their customer base with capabilities in SaaS, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a- Service, and Data-as-a-Service.

Percona is a world-class, open source database software, support, and services company for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL databases in on-premise and cloud environments, helping enterprises make their databases and apps run better.

Where a passion for Postgres and edge computing meet, pgEdge delivers an open source, Postgres-based distributed database platform for modern applications that demand constant availability, global access, and rapid response times.

View From the Top by Phillip Merrick CEO and Co-founder

Applications today increasingly must be always on, always available, and always responsive, regardless of where a user is located. Read more.

Enabling organizations to make confident business decisions with data that they can trust, Precisely offers the modular, interoperable Data Integrity Suite that contains everything a business needs to deliver accurate, consistent, contextual data.

Progress allows enterprises to build the applications they need, deploy how they want, and manage it all safely and securely with a variety of products that span data platforms, data connectivity, digital experience, DevOps, infrastructure management and operations, UI/UX tools, and secure file transfer.

View From the Top by Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager, Progress

Seamless Access to All Your Data

Progress® DataDirect® is a leader in the data connectivity space, facilitating seamless access to diverse data sources for organizations across various industries. Read more.

Committed to simplifying and accelerating the process of extracting value from data, Prophecy offers a low-code data transformation platform that combines the usability of a low-code interface with the power of open source code to drive productivity.

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