Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2017

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Citus Data, Inc.
Citus—built on PostgreSQL, the latest version of the distributed database delivers analytics on real-time data with support for most major ORMs out of the box, broader SQL coverage, and improved transactional semantics for a single shard

ClearDB—a MySQL as a service solution to enable high availability and low latency performance to MySQL-powered applications, with scheduled backups, advanced security, 24/7 monitoring, and graphical tools

ClearDBMichael Russo,
DBaaS Product Manager


In today’s digital economy, success often comes down to how quickly businesses can develop and deploy new applications, or expand existing datastores. Yet 80 percent of developers and IT professionals agree that database provisioning and maintenance are major bottlenecks to innovation. Read on. 

Cloudera, Inc.
Cloudera Enterprise—a modern big data platform designed for mission-critical environments that includes an open source Hadoop-based platform as well as advanced system management tools and dedicated support and community advocacy from a team of Hadoop developers and experts

Compuware Corp.
ISPW—acquired by Compuware in January 2016, ISPW is a modern, end-to-end Agile source code management, release automation, and deployment automation tool for mainframe application developers at all skill levels

CompuwareMark Schettenhelm,
Product Manager


As the repository of the world’s most valuable business-critical applications and data, the mainframe is the industry’s premier platform for mission-critical workloads. To handle the vast amounts of new digital business driving mainframe activity, enterprises
must continuously improve those applications and data. Read on.

Confluent, Inc.
Confluent Platform—based on Apache Kafka, the Confluent Platform provides a stream data platform that enables enterprises to maximize the value of data in industries, such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, technology and media, for fast decision making

Couchbase, Inc.
Couchbase Server—a NoSQL document database with a distributed architecture designed for performance, scalability, and availability that allows developers to build applications while leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON

CrowdFlower, Inc.
CrowdFlower Platform—powered by Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning cloud service, the platform supports a range of use cases, including self-driving cars, intelligent personal assistants, medical image labeling, content categorization, and social data insight

Databricks, Inc.
Databricks—a cloud platform built on the Apache Spark data processing framework that provides managed Spark clusters, an interactive workspace for exploration and visualization, a production pipeline scheduler, and a platform for powering Spark-based applications

Dataguise DgSecure—a data security platform that enables businesses to take ownership of sensitive data across the enterprise, including big data platforms,
relational databases, and structured and unstructured data repositories

DataStax Enterprise—a big data platform built on Apache Cassandra that manages real-time, analytics, and enterprise search data and provides multi-model support for four different data models—key-value, tabular, document/JSON, and graph

Datavail Corp.
BITeamwork—a collaborative business intelligence tool that provides dashboard commenting, cell annotations, commenting, voting, and social integration inside OBIEE for any data type

DatavailChristian Screen,
VP and Practice Director, Oracle Analytics


For years, users of Oracle’s OBIEE, OBIA, and Hyperion products have struggled to find a way to streamline communication when discussing data justifications for month-end close, and day-to-day analysis. Dashboard reports exported to Excel spreadsheets result in long and cumbersome email threads, writeback solutions are ineffective, and in-person meetings are time-consuming. Read on.

DBI Software (Database-Brothers, Inc.)
DBI Software pureFeat Performance Suite for IBM DB2 LUW—provides solutions for database analytics tuning, trending, alerting, and monitoring, and, in the latest release, has added a feature for Advanced Index Benefit Analysis that looks at an entire workload to understand the impact of adding proposed indexes

DBI Scot Hayes, 
 President & Founder

 DBI Software

 Thank you, DBTA, for this distinctive honor, and for the opportunity to share a few words about what makes DBI Software’s  pureFeat™ Performance Management suite for IBM DB2 LUW distinctively different. Read on.


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