Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2019

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Revelation Software
OpenInsight 10—Revelation’s flagship product, is a NoSQL database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications along with a redesigned integrated development environment, 64-bit architecture integration, new security updates and more

Mike Ruane, President and CEO

Revelation Software

OpenInsight 10 might be the most visually appealing, intuitive, MultiValue development tool on the market today. Read on.

Robin Systems
ROBIN Hyper Converged Kubernetes Platform—hyper-converged Kubernetes is a software-defined application orchestration framework that combines containerized storage, networking, compute (Kubernetes), and the application management layer into a single system, allowing users to do self-service deployment of big data, databases and AI/ML, share entire experiments among team members, and more

Premal Buch, CEO

Robin Systems

Robin is the hyper-converged Kubernetes platform for big data, databases, and AI/ML. Read on.

Rocket Software
UniVerse—a component of the MultiValue application platform, is a fast, flexible data server for developing enterprise app and its variable length, table-within-table architecture means speedy data access and low maintenance with user interfaces for Windows, Linux, and UNIX

Julianna Cammarano, Director, MultiValue and Business Intelligence Product Marketing

Rocket Software

Rocket UniVerse, a core component of the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform, is the backbone of critical business applications around the world. Read on.

HANA—combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and data acquisition tools in an in-memory platform with built-in application services that support the development and deployment of new business apps to deliver insight from big data and IoT        

SAS Institute
Viya—complements SAS, augmenting the SAS Platform to enable everyone—data scientists, business analysts, developers, and executives alike—to collaborate and achieve innovative results faster to derive new insights like never before

Software Diversified Services (SDS)
IronSphere—an ISCM solution for the IBM mainframe that provides complete visibility of system risks, IronSphere continuously monitors the mainframe, automatically performing security scans and looking for system vulnerabilities, insufficient settings, and modified operands

Search & Content Analytics (part of Accenture Applied Intelligence)
Data Lake Solutions—leverages the company’s expertise in Hadoop, Cloudera CDH, Cassandra, Elastic Stack, Solr, Hortonworks, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and other big data platforms to offer a wide range of flexibility and security options for a data lake

SQL Sentry for SQL Server—allows organizations to collect and present the most actionable performance metrics and alerts, see important events, and cross-reference them using an Outlook-style calendar to resolve issues by doing detailed analysis in the same tool used for monitoring and alerting

Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform—offers broad connectivity to all enterprise data sources and combines disruptive analytical tools, including natural language processing and machine learning to increase the enterprise IQ and continuously improve its ROI

Sisense—simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing big or disparate datasets with agility that allows business users with no technical background to get the accurate intelligence at the very moment it is needed

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