Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2022

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Accenture Intelligent Platform Services—provides capabilitiesand resources to help clients effectively deploy and adopt enterprise software applications and, earlier this year, announced plans to integrate the Engage platform from ThinkTank with Accenture myConcerto for a single, proprietary platform that simplifies and accelerates technology-led business transformation

Avalanche—a fully managed hybrid cloud data warehouse service designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions—data volume, concurrent users, and query complexity—that can be deployed on-prem as well as on multiple clouds

Emma McGrattan SVP Engineering Actian

Actian Avalanche: Fully Managed Cloud Data Warehouse for High Performance Operational Analytics

Actian Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse is a vectorized, MPP, ANSI SQL compliant, RDBMS that runs on Google, Amazon, and Azure cloud platforms. Read more.

Aerospike Database—a real-time NoSQL data platform that eliminates trade-offs in consistency and scale for always-on globally distributed business transactions and offers a rich set of enterprise security features, such as data encryption (in motion and at rest), authentication, authorization, and auditing

Ahana Cloud—a cloud-native managed service for Presto for Amazon Web Services that simplifies the deployment, management, and integration of Presto and enables cloud and data platform teams to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their organization’s analysts and scientists

Dipti Borkar Cofounder and Chief Product Officer

We’re delighted that Ahana Cloud for Presto is named in the DBTA 2021 List of Trend Setting Products.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is the first cloud-native managed service for Presto on AWS, giving customers SQL on their S3 data lake with complete control and visibility of clusters and their data. Read more.

Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform—delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes that would otherwise require a myriad of tools and manual handoffs to help achieve the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation

Amazon DocumentDB—is a fully managed database service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale MongoDB-compatible databases in the cloud and enables the running of the same application code, drivers, and tools used with MongoDB

Edgar Haren Sr. Product Marketing Manager AWS

In recent years organizations have determined that legacy database technologies are incapable of supporting modern applications. Read more.

Appen Platform—combines human intelligence with cutting-edge models to create high-quality training data for machine learning projects and is purpose-built to handle large-scale data collection and annotation projects on demand

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator—a DevOps value stream management platform that is easily deployed with Docker containers and enables infrastructure and operations (I&O) and DevOps teams to visualize, orchestrate, and automate operational and development value streams—from the mainframe to the cloud

AtScale Universal Semantic Layer—simplifies, accelerates, and extends business intelligence and data science capabilities for enterprise customers across all industries so they are empowered to democratize data, implement self-service BI, and build a more agile analytics infrastructure for better, more impactful decision making

AnzoGraph DB—an analytical graph database that uses familiar SPARQL/OWL for semantic graphs but also supports labeled property graphs (LPGs) and enables access to many analytical, machine learning, and data science capabilities to help users achieve new insights, delivered at speed and scale

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