Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2022

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CData Connect—a universal data connectivity platform for SaaS/cloud that lets users connect any application, on-premise or in the cloud, with real-time data from anywhere and boasts recently added features, including query federation, custom schemas, and derived views

At CData Software, we specialize in the democratization of business data to propel BI and analytics insights. Our simple, yet powerful approach to data connectivity empowers citizen integrators, data engineers, business analysts, and IT teams of any size to take control of data on their terms. Read more.

ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform—turns a data lake into a hot analytics environment by indexing data in Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage—without any data movement—so data is fully searchable and available for analysis using existing data tools

The catalyst for ChaosSearch was simple, but profound. Founder Thomas Hazel had spent 25+ years designing, building, and inventing new technology and science in the areas of large scale distributed systems and databases. Read now.

Cinchy Dataware Platform—eliminates the need for individual applications to manage their own data, helping customers to cut time to market in half and eliminate their “integration tax” while alsoreusing existing investments without being limited by them

Cisco AppDynamics—aims to reinvent the observability space and simplify the challenge of digital transformation by enabling organizations to see, understand, and optimize their back-end operations and prioritize what matters most to the business

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)—delivering what’s needed to both IT and the business, the hybrid cloud platform enables enterprises to access and analyze data across public and private clouds as well as on-premise to deliver flexibility, performance, speed, and control

CockroachDB—a distributed SQL database that is in use at some of the world’s largest enterprises across all industries, including Equifax, Bose, and Comcast, and some of the largest companies in banking, retail, and media

Cognite Data Fusion—an industrial DataOps platform that contextualizes operational asset data at scale and in real time to enable asset-heavy organizations to make better decisions about maintenance, production, and safety

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud—provides deep visibility into an organization’s data ecosystem—from data warehouses and data lakes to master data repositories and operational databases— without moving data, so information assets stay protected

Tungsten Clustering—a complete, fully integrated, fully tested MySQL high-availability, disaster-recovery, and geo-clustering solution running on-premise and in the cloud that offers 24/7 support for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server applications

Eero Teerikorpi, CEO and Founder

Fortune 1000 SaaS, E-commerce, Financial Services, Gaming and Telco companies have thrived with us for over ten years; collectively today, Continuent customers use Tungsten Clustering to safeguard over $20 billion in annual revenue—with 100% satisfaction. Read more.

Couchbase Server—settles the debate on whether to use relational or NoSQL databases for modern application development by providing development teams with one unified platform so they no longer need to use one for transactions and another for developer agility and scale

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