Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2023

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SAM (Software Asset Managed) Service—is powered by the Arx Platform, which rests on the updated LicenseFortress Discovery, the proprietary software that monitors an organization’s real-time use of database software to ensure software license compliance

Liquibase Database Version Control Software—database change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD that is powered by open source innovation and supported by experts to accelerate database changes, empower teams to work more collaboratively, and bring stability and control to enterprise deployments

MANTA Platform—a combination of lineage harvested across multiple sources in an automated way, with a powerful semantic layer on top of it giving data users a complete, clear, and comprehensive map of all data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies

MariaDB Community Server—an open source relational database used by developers all over the world and created by MySQL’s original developers that is compatible with MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source

Matillion ETL—integrates with virtually any data source, ingests data into leading cloud data platforms, and transforms data so it can be used by leading analytics and BI tools and synced back to the business

Unison—a next-generation customer data platform that provides a highly intuitive and functional user interface targeted at data stewards, resulting in a centralized portal that offers browser-based data cleansing and robust reporting solutions

Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions

The importance of having a solid compliance process in place is often overlooked by businesses, but critical for efficient customer onboarding and meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives. Read more.

Microsoft Azure—a cloud platform that features more than 200 products and cloud services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services spanning app development, AI, cloud migration, data and analytics, security and governance, and more

MicroStrategy—supports modern analytics on an open, comprehensive enterprise platform optimized for cloud and on-premises deployments and features HyperIntelligence, a technology that overlays actionable enterprise data on popular business applications to help users make smarter decisions

MongoDB Atlas—a multi-cloud developer data platform that enhances scale, security, flexibility, and simplicity of data architectures via JSONlike document data models and a unified query API—improving data structure evolution and application build variety

Navisite Managed Cloud Service—a cloud resource and roadmapping service that connects strategic Navisite cloud partnerships—such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle—to its customers, accompanied by Navisite’s cloud migration and management expertise across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

Neo4j Graph Database—an enterprise-strength graph database, shaped by its native graph storage, scalable speed-optimized architecture, and ACID compliance, built for complex OLTP and data science workloads across self-hosted, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments

Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure + Era—combines servers and storage into a distributed infrastructure platform with intelligent software to create agile building blocks meant to replace legacy structures that contain disjointed servers, storage networks, and storage arrays

NVIDIA Base Command Platform—leverages highly performant and scalable NVIDIA DGX systems to provide efficient orchestration and cluster management, library compute acceleration, storage and network infrastructure, and AI workload optimization with NVIDIA AI Enterprise for developers

Data Discovery—a unified data discovery tool that automatically discovers data throughout the IT infrastructure, classifies it with ML-based label and tagging systems, catalogs metadata, continuously monitors for at-risk data, and offers advanced security controls to meet enterprise regulatory requirements

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud—a fully automated database service that supports diverse data types for the development and deployment of application workloads, regardless of scale, complexity, or criticality backed by ML-based tuning, scaling, and patching for a highly performant, available, and secure database

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight—enables accelerated diagnosis of big data performance issues through a comprehensive view of application, infrastructure, and resource utilization—whether in cloud or on-premises—monitoring real-time and historical information

Percona Monitoring and Management—an open-source database management, monitoring, and observability tool designed to deepen the understanding of database infrastructure, identify database behavior patterns, and manage database functions for improved performance

Donnie Berkholz, SVP Product Management

Your data is the foundation of your business, and we at Percona believe it can be simpler, faster, and easier to manage. Read more.

Precisely Data Integrity Suite—a set of seven interoperable modules that better data accuracy and consistency to support data-driven decision making, as well as customer aggregation and retainment, while mitigating cost, risk, and ensuring compliance

Navicat Premium—a database development tool compatible with cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, and MongoDB Atlas that connects to MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases from a single application—improving acceleration and ease of building, managing, and maintaining a database

Navicat is a one-stop solution that offers everything you need to manage your databases including MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Read more.

Progress DataDirect—offers cloud and on-premises data connectivity solutions for a variety of data sources, such as relational, NoSQL, big data and SaaS, to increase enterprise performance, reliability, and security

Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager

With greater amounts of data coming from more sources, organizations know more about their business than ever before—and can make more informed decisions. Read more.

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