Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2023

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Flashblade//S—a modular, scale-out storage platform for unstructured data that enables capacity and performance to be scaled independently and improved over time, mitigating expenditures towards power and space with simplistic management

Enterprise Data Platform Services—scalably transforms data into business value through enriched reporting, machine learning, data science exploration, self-service analytics, and by eliminating data silos to ensure users are working from a single integrated hub—with cost efficiency and automated capabilities in mind

Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart is a convenient solution that integrates data from different sources to show quick value. Our EDP is scalable and extensible, allowing as many data pipelines as needed to support your enterprise analytics without compromising on performance. Read more.

Qlik Sense—provides modern cloud analytics to empower data-driven decision making through hyperfast calculations that are context-relevant and scalable, AI-generated analyses and insights, automated creation and data prep, search and natural language interaction, as well as machine learning and predictive analytics to use data more effectively throughout an enterprise

Quest SharePlex—a highly flexible database replication software solution that replicates Oracle data at a fraction of the price of native tools to achieve high availability and scalability, as well as to integrate data and offload reporting through automatic target building, built-in monitoring, conflict resolution, data comparison, and real-time data update and replication

SharePlex by Quest allows users to create flexible Oracle and PostgreSQL architectures that ensure database availability, scalability, offload reporting, and interoperability with other systems. Read more.

Ansible Automation—an automation platform that provides enterprises—from hybrid cloud to the edge—with a secure and stable foundation for deploying end-to-end automation, allowing users to create, share, and manage automation at scale

Redgate SQL Monitor—monitors and manages SQL Server estates from a single pane of glass with fast, in-depth analysis that supplies problem diagnoses and customizable alerts to ensure its health, whether on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid

The number of your databases is growing rapidly, you’re moving (parts of it) to the cloud, but the size of your team isn’t growing at the same rate. Sound familiar? Read more.

Redis Enterprise—a self-managed data platform that leverages the benefits of Redis at enterprise scale with flexible and secure deployment options, less code, insight visualizations, and enhanced control, merging Redis’ speed with enterprise necessary compliance, reliability, and resiliency

Reltio Connected Data Platform—a cloud-native, SaaS master data management solution to cleanse and integrate multisource data in realtime, using ML-based data matching and data validation rules, as well as 24/7 cloud monitoring and an auto-scaling cloud environment—enabling better, faster data-driven decisions

OpenInsight—a NoSQL MultiValue database development suite that provides a foundation of tools for application developers to create, deploy, and maintain critical database solutions for Windows environments, enabling solutions to scale alongside its enterprise

Mike Ruane President and CEO

2022: Going with the Flow with MultiValue

As we approach the end of 2022, we at Revelation Software are just releasing our latest build of OpenInsight, version 10.2. Read more.

Dextrus—a cloud data platform that transforms raw data into actionable insights via self-service ingestion, real-time streaming data pipelines, transformations, cleansing, preparation, dataset wrangling, reporting, and machine learning modeling for optimal data querying, data grain analysis, data identification, and consumption through query-based or log-based CDC, and in-pipeline data validation

UniVerse—a data server deployable to the cloud or on-premises for developing enterprise applications with a variable length, table-withintable architecture to increase data access speeds, performance of storage, and resource management capabilities, as well as reduce maintenance, implementation complexity, and operation costs of server management— accompanied with interfaces for Windows, Linux, and UNIX

Kathy Larson Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Application Modernization

Here at Rocket® Software, we’re committed to ensuring Rocket® UniVerse is performant, secure, and easy to use with modern features and supporting tools. Read more.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management—an API-first software platform built to protect and manage data on-premises and in cloud environments through immutable backups, SLA automation, near-zero RTO, and UI behavior scripting, automation, and integration with existing APIs

RudderStack—an open-source, enterprise-ready event streaming platform that supplies comprehensive customer data points, data activation from any source, and real-time, automatic event data delivery underpinned by more than 180 out-of-the-box integrations and multi-node, horizontal scaling with flexible schemas

Soumyadeb Mitra Founder & CEO at RudderStack

Don’t settle for another data silo!

Legacy CDPs charge you a premium to keep a copy of your data. Read more.

COMPASS—a cloud-based, automated data governance management system that provides consistent processes, roles, policies, standards,
and metrics for data management in conjunction with streamlined controls, reduced development labor for governance, and minimized costs—equipping users with a pre-built framework for rapid deployment, operation, and analytics of individualized data governance

HANA—or High-Performance Analytic Appliance, is a multi-model database for column-oriented, in-memory data storage to enable the processing of massive quantities of data with low latency, instant query data, and merged OLAP and OLTP, as well as for structured and unstructured data search, analytics, and integration capabilities

Viya—automates and mobilizes both models and progress throughout the analytics lifecycle, employing data management functions for data access and integration from virtually any source, AI-based recommendations via machine learning tools with automated feature engineering, and complex analytics deployment with accompanying task automation for governed decision-making and accelerated model deployment

Satori—a transparent data proxy deployed between users and data stores to automatically classify and control access to sensitive data without altering the data or impacting the end user experience, employing simple masking rules based on data types instead of columns

xDM—a unified data platform with xDM for management and xDI for integration, low-code UI, customizable automations, and seamless scalability aimed to increase time-to-value and quickly deliver value on data—allowing users to measure ROI in under 10 weeks

SingleStoreDB—is a scalable, distributed SQL database backed by a unified data engine for transactional and analytical workloads, enabling real-time analytics and low-latency access to large datasets for accelerated and streamlined application development

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