Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2023

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Sisense Fusion—provides intelligent data analytics as a code-first, low-code, and no-code analytics tool with customizable self-service experiences, comprehensive customer data pools through cloud, in-application, and on-premises connection, enabling users to make data-driven business decisions

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform—a fully-managed, singular platform for global data collaboration, utilizing highly performant and reliable multi-cluster resource isolation, as well as automated management, security governance, availability, and data resiliency, allowing users to supply data copies cross-cloud and cross-region throughout their enterprise ecosystem

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer—is a cross-platform database performance analyzer that monitors and optimizes multiple database management system (DBMS) platform performance—both in the cloud and on-premises—powered by machine learning anomaly detection, expert tuning advisors, and an automation management API

ProvenDB—a securely hosted cloud database that is fully managed and equipped with Blockchain SDKs, database connectors, and no-code document management for enhanced data integrity, providing proof of ownership of intellectual property and a log of all document changes

Starburst Enterprise—is a fully supported, production-tested and enterprise-grade distribution of open-source Trino, improving performance and security in conjunction with easy deployment, connection, and management of Trino environments, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment

Justin Borgman Co-Founder & CEO

Since its inception in 2017, Starburst has enabled organizations to modernize their data access and analytics with Starburst Enterprise. Read more.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform—unifies data based on its meaning to create a flexible, reusable data layer for answering complex queries across data silos, using enriched context knowledge graphs to maintain multiple points of view at once within a future-proof data model

Swim Continuum—a single, production-ready environment designed for building and operating continuous intelligence applications end-to-end, using clustering, replication, persistence, and security functions to meet stringent enterprise requirements, while monitoring itself and other
Swim applications under a single pane of glass

Syniti Data Jumpstart—is a fast, cloud-based data quality analysis program aimed at assisting organizations understand the impact of data quality in driving growth, increasing margins, speeding up time-tomarket for products, and maximizing M&A and digital transformation initiatives

Data Jumpstart is a powerful data quality assessment solution for enterprise customers looking for visibility into the state of their data quality and what it means to their bottom line. Read more.

Talend Data Fabric—a unified platform combining data integration, integrity, and governance, built to achieve and maintain complete, trustworthy, and uncompromised data to increase control, mitigate risk, and drive value, supported by Talend’s partner ecosystem and services infrastructure

Cloud Native Master Data Management—the data mastering solution offering cloud-native, SaaS, and hybrid deployments, integrating machine learning with human feedback and enrichment to rapidly break down data silos and deliver clean, accurate data

Teleport Database Access—enables identity-based access of SQL and NoSQL databases, prevents data exfiltration, adheres to compliance requirements, and provides complete visibility into access and behavior in conjunction with best practices for database access and deployed as a single binary for seamless integration

Teradata Vantage—is a connected, multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, unifying and integrating data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and any type of data source, equipped with multidimensional scalability to deliver business intelligence and streamline workload management

TigerGraph Cloud—a distributed, native graph database-as-a-service designed with no hardware to deploy, configure, or manage, complete with SOC 2 Type II requirements, offering accelerated query answering regardless of dataset size within a cloud platform of your choice

Automated Data Management Platform—provides a low-code data infrastructure builder to accelerate integration of siloed data into a data lake, enables users to model their data warehouse, and defines data marts for multiple BI tools and endpoints within a drag-and-drop UI

Unravel—a DataOps observability platform for the modern data stack, delivering AI-powered answers and precise recommendations for data teams to reduce cloud costs, optimize applications and pipelines, automatically correlate external data quality checks with insights, and migrate to the cloud without guesswork or blind spots

Vertica Analytics Platform—is a fast, scalable SQL hybrid cloud database independent from underlying infrastructure, acting as a single platform for data warehouse modernization and data lake exploration, able to provide reliability on mission-critical analytics by leveraging cloud-based
technologies—while also being deployable on-premises

LiveData Migrator—a fully automated, self-service cloud migration solution, migrating HDFS data and Hive metadata to the cloud even if data sets are undergoing active change, without the need for production system downtime, business disruption, or risk of data loss

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse—is a massively parallel SQL relational database employing a management-free, as-a-service model, open architecture, and single management plane to combine the agility and elasticity of cloud with the performance, control, and cost savings of on-premises solutions

Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform—a unified data governance platform allowing self-service data enrichment and consumption to quickly control complex data environments, utilizing automated data discovery and inventory, collaborative metadata editing, and simple data classification

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