August 26, 2021

News Flashes

The Call for Speakers is now open for Data Summit 2022 which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Boston May 17-18, 2022, with pre-conference workshops on May 16, 2022. The Data Summit conference focuses on the business and technical aspects of Big Data, Data Management, DevOps, Data Management, AI, Machine Learning, and the ramifications of working in a data-driven environment.

Actian SVP Emma McGrattan explained how to build a cloud-based data architecture tailored to your specific business needs rather than peak workload during her presentation at Data Summit Connect 2021.   

In today's interconnected, data-driven world, secure data sharing is paramount to inter-company data sharing and driving new revenue sources by monetizing essential data assets. But with organizations adopting multiple cloud data platforms to enable self-service data access, adhering to data sharing rules and agreements while maintaining universal cloud data access control is often complicated and uncertain.

TigerGraph Cloud is now available on all three major cloud marketplaces, AWS, Azure and GCP, the only distributed and scalable graph database-as-a-service available on all three. With the choice of public Cloud vendors, businesses are able to significantly reduce the friction of getting started with Graph Analytics projects on the vast ecosystems built by the major cloud platforms, according to the vendor.

Virtana, the AIOps observability company for hybrid cloud, is expanding its offering of the Virtana Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Offering end user customers a unified SaaS platform on Marketplace, which leverages a ‘know before you go' approach with high-definition data collection on-premises, delivers precision observability, reduces cloud costs, and de-risks public cloud migration to AWS.

Think About It

The global pandemic has forced companies to pivot over the past year in significant ways. Whether it was transition­ing to a remote workforce or reimagining how to interact with customers, digital transformation initiatives within businesses were happening tenfold. As part of that, the pan­demic notably accelerated corporate planning for cloud computing.