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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
April 14, 2014

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: April 14, 2014. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

Fujitsu has begun shipping a multi-processor server configuration intended to support high availability environments. The x86 FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 series is comprised of five models, based on the Intel Xeon Processor E7 v2 family.

New offerings for IBM System z are aimed at helping customers with rapid development and deployment of mobile applications as well as the ability to integrate them with core business processes, applications, and data. As part of this effort, As part IBM is enabling the industry's first commercial Hadoop for Linux on System z - zDoop software - provided through through Veristorm, an IBM partner.

IBM's latest enterprise cloud offerings for the mainframe include the first System z-based integrated system offering, the IBM Enterprise Cloud System. There is also a new flexible utility pricing model to give service providers the ability to pay for Linux-based mainframe cloud infrastructure over time based on compute consumption, rather than system capacity.

Red Hat is collaborating with Google to enable Red Hat customers to move eligible Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions to Google Compute Engine using Red Hat Cloud Access. Google, which joined the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program in December 2013, is the second Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider to earn designation as a Red Hat Cloud Access-enabled partner.

SUSE has introduced the Starter System for System z to make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for System z installation quicker and easier. The system enables customers to do mainframe Linux proof-of-concepts with existing IT skills, according to the company.

With cloud, outsourcing and BYOD posing new challenges to ensuring authorized access to data, Oracle introduced enhancements to Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 that are aimed at helping organizations extend access policies and controls beyond enterprise applications and systems to cloud-based systems and mobile devices.

News From SHARE

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the IBM mainframe, our next SHARE host city, Pittsburgh, also commemorates a few noteworthy milestones. Milestones like celebrating 50 years of the innovative Pennsylvania Ballet and 50 years of its public transit agency, Port Authority of Allegheny County.

Think About It

While the mainstream media pundits continue to express their surprise that the mainframe is still at the core of many business operations, knowledgeable professionals know the system always has been indispensable.