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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
November 14, 2011

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: November 14, 2011. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

EnterpriseDB, a commercial software company supporting the PostgreSQL open source database, has announced the Postgres Plus Connector for Hadoop, which enables massive amounts of data from a Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) or PostgreSQL database to be accessed, processed and analyzed in a Hadoop cluster. The Postgres Plus Connector for Hadoop enables programmers to process large amounts of SQL-based data using their familiar MapReduce constructs. EnterpriseDB has opened a private Postgres Plus Connector for Hadoop beta program.

IBM announced that technology enabling IBM zEnterprise System users to integrate Microsoft Windows applications into the mainframe environment - an industry first - will become available on December 16th. With this new capability, end users with multi-tier applications - for example, Windows applications connected to mainframe data - can be integrated and consolidated on the same system.

ADVA Optical Networking announced the successful qualification of the ADVA FSP 3000 for the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. The IBM zEnterprise platform, which includes zBX, is the new infrastructure for extending System z qualities of service and management capabilities across a set of integrated, fit-for-purpose POWER7 and IBM System x compute elements. This extension enables applications that require low-latency, high-capacity and secure data transmission links between systems, such as business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud computing.

Attachmate Corp. has made updates to two of its flagship products for terminal emulation and web-to-host access. The Attachmate Reflection 2011 R2 family of products is updated Windows-based terminal emulation software that includes strengthened desktop and host security. Attachmate Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 is designed to enable Windows users to access text and graphics-based applications on UNIX and Linux systems, as well as legacy applications on IBM System z mainframes and System i midranges.

Cleversafe, Inc. has been granted and issued four new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) related to the vendor's IP portfolio around dispersed storage technology. The technology uses algorithms to divide data into "slices" and disperses them, via secure network connections, to one or more multiple storage nodes on a dsNet system.

Compuware Corporation, a technology management vendor, and Dataguise, a provider of enterprise security intelligence solutions, have teamed up to provide a privacy solution to protect employee and customer personally identifiable information. As part of this partnership, Compuware will resell technology from Dataguise Compuware Test Data Solution, branded as DgDiscover for Compuware.

The Ethernet Alliance, a global consortium dedicated to Ethernet advancement, revealed the successful completion of its most recent Data Center Bridging (DCB) interoperability "plugfest," held at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory. The event attracted a broad range of cross-discipline, Ethernet Alliance member companies.

IBM is offering a new service intended to help businesses secure the exploding number of mobile devices with access to corporate data. The IBM Hosted Mobile Device Security Management service is intended to help organizations protect against data loss and other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate applications. The service will be delivered over the cloud

Maintec Technologies Inc., an enterprise service provider, has launched a ‘Mainframe on Demand' service that provides "pay-as-you-go" access to mainframe computing. The service is targeted at technology training companies, development firms and production clients with both short-term and long-term mainframe computing requirements.

SOA Software, a service governance and management tools provider, announced Atmosphere Cloud, a cloud-based version of its Enterprise API Management solution. Combined with the on-premises deployment option that was announced in June, Atmosphere customers can now choose how they want to configure and deploy their API Management environment.

Software AG unveiled a process improvement accelerator designed to accelerate business optimization and automation projects based on specific industry requirements or cross-industry topics such as compliance, supply chain management or customer relationship management initiatives.

News From SHARE

Businesses and individuals are generating data, all day, every day. Whether it's via our smartphone use, web searches, photo storage, video streaming, with each keystroke on our computers, each of us contributes to this amassing of data. In fact, it's estimated that the amount of data we generate will increase by 44% over the next ten years. Veteran technology writer Pedro Pereira has taken a hard look at this emerging issue and developed a three-part series article exploring the Big Deal about Big Data.

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