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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
September 20, 2011

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: September 20, 2011. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

Cleversafe, a storage management provider, announced enhancements to its flagship platform intended to improve the scalability and reliability of cloud storage. "The area that we are focusing on is big data storage challenges. These are customers that have hundreds of terabytes to petabytes - and even growing larger to exabyte levels of storage - and need things that Cleversafe delivers in terms of managing those large data repositories," Russ Kennedy, vice president of product strategy and marketing for Cleversafe, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

CA Technologies has announced a mainframe tool that is the combination of two of its application performance management products, as well as additional integrations, features and functions. The new product, CA Mainframe Application Tuner, combines the performance analysis and tuning capabilities of TRILOGexpert TriTune with the automated performance management of TRILOGexpert APC for TriTune. CA Technologies has a non-exclusive, worldwide source agreement to develop, market and support this technology, thus facilitating innovation beyond its previous capabilities.

Gluster, a provider of open source storage solutions, announced a partnership with Redapt, Inc., a data center architecture and infrastructure solutions provider. Under this agreement, Redapt will integrate GlusterFS with hardware providing customers with Network-Attached Storage (NAS) storage technology for on-premise, virtual and cloud environments. "With the dramatic rise of unstructured data, storage has quickly become a major pain point for enterprises," says Matt Huff, vice president of business development at Redapt.

IBM says that it is broadening its Power architecture licensing program to include a multi-use agreement that provides developers access to the entire lineup of Power cores with a single license. This is the first time such an option has been available for Power systems developers, the company says. Designers can now gain access to a blanket license for unlimited uses of the Power 470, Power 460 and Power 405 cores for a 5-year period. IBM also announced a new "no-barriers" license for the Power 405 core which drops the standard access fee.

Stone Bond Technologies announced that it has created a new level of data federation connectivity, enabling users to work live within Salesforce.com screens without the data ever having to leave the System z host system. Stone Bond's flagship product, Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso, is creating virtual data sets by federating on-premise mainframe data, and providing a new integration to view the data side-by-side within the Salesforce.com data view. "This new capability effectively enables Salesforce.com to become a portal to all corporate data in a highly secure environment," says Pamela Szabo, chief technology officer at Stone Bond.

IBM says it is working with Yi Lian Zhong Information Technology (YLZ), a leading provider of information services in China, to build a cloud computing platform that will improve the life of citizens in China via an online portal for a variety of social services. With an IBM System z mainframe running Linux as the foundation, YLZ will expand its existing services available in Fujian Province to seven more Chinese provinces. This will enable them to construct a citizen livelihood service information network covering a population of 300 million.

Virtual Instruments, a provider of storage area network (SAN) and virtual infrastructure optimization solutions, introduced a new product suite, which includes a new 8Gb SAN Performance Probe that provides improved visibility across servers, networks and storage. "IT roles that look across all aspects of the virtualized data center have the potential to become the next hot IT job," according to John Thompson, president and CEO of Virtual Instruments. "The new VirtualWisdom platform provides the essential cross-domain infrastructure monitoring solution to enable this new role and to ensure business-critical application performance and availability in the emerging private cloud infrastructure."

Zmanda, a provider of open source and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions, released the latest version of its cloud backup software, incorporating tools that enable users to direct backups either to the cloud or to local storage systems. Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) 4.0 provides users the choice to store backups directly on the cloud; on local disks; or in a hybrid backup configuration, which is an intelligent combination of the two. In addition, ZCB 4.0 offers performance improvements of up to three times the speed for uploads and downloads, the vendor says.

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