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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
June 23, 2009

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: June 23, 2009. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

Visual Numerics, Inc., part of Rogue Wave Software, and a producer of advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, today announced an OEM partnership with Sybase. Visual Numerics offers two product lines: the IMSL Numerical Libraries for powerful mathematical and statistical analysis and the PV-WAVE visual data analysis development environment. As part of the OEM partnership, Sybase is embedding multiple IMSL Library time series analysis functions into Sybase RAP - The Trading Edition Enterprise, a unified market analytics platform that lets capital markets firms make more intelligent, efficient use of data for better analytics, decisions and reporting across the front-to-back office trade lifecycle.

DataFlux, a provider of data quality and data integration solutions, has announced the general availability of DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions to integrate key data quality processes into SAP applications. DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions allows customers to utilize the SAP NetWeaver platform while providing web access to real-time DataFlux data services. DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions offers pre-built workflows designed for SAP data that are integrated into SAP user interfaces. This allows users to remotely call DataFlux data quality services directly from the SAP environment, and deliver accurate and consistent data across the SAP landscape.

Parabon Computation, a provider of extreme-scale grid computing software and services, has announced the latest release of Parabon Crush, a massively scalable, statistical data mining and predictive modeling application that draws its power from Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform. Now enhanced with a search algorithm developed for NASA, Crush uses the idle capacity of thousands of computers on a Frontier Grid to discover optimal statistical models within high-dimensional datasets that are too computationally challenging for traditional approaches.

Quest, a technology VAR, and Intellitactics, a provider of appliances and software for enterprise security management, have announced an agreement whereby Quest will provide managed security services to mid-market customers utilizing a security appliance from Intellitactics. The appliance, known as Intellitactics SAFE, is a complete security solution that has out-of-the-box database connectivity, 1,400 pre-defined reports, and a complete suite of security monitoring software. In order to deliver the service, Quest will locate the Intellitactics SAFE appliance on the Client's premise and provide remote expertise to monitor logs and analyze security events for compliance and threat management.

Talend, a provider of open source data integration software, yesterday announced the availability of Talend Integration Suite RTX, a new real-time data integration platform for enterprise application integration needs. The new solution, which is based on Talend's enterprise-grade data integration platform, Talend Integration Suite, allows IT organizations to accelerate the movement of data across IT systems, providing them with a higher level of data consistency across applications, and enabling them to make more accurate decisions

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