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Five Minute Briefing - MultiValue
July 27, 2022

A comprehensive monthly publication filled with news and insight serving the MultiValue database community.

News Flashes

Modernization is now becoming a crucial part of the strategy for many companies and BlueFinity has worked with many MV customers on the successful modernization of their previously static MultiValue systems. For a fast-growing number of companies, the introduction of apps that provide complete integration with a company's existing MultiValue systems and databases has proved to be a successful way of modernizing.

Whether users are delaying the move to Informer 5 due to a lack of migration and IT resources, the thought of transitioning reports, or other projects, Entrinsik wants to help facilitate the migration with some best practices and migration resources. Entrinsik provides users with a Migration Guide that has tools for a successful migration. The Data Gathering Workbook can collect and document the information needed during the Informer 4 to Informer 5 migration to keep track of its progress.

Rocket Software is offering a series of livestreams featuring its product roadmap for the future. The Rocket MultiValue product roadmap outlines the vision, direction, priorities, and progress of a product over time. It represents the plan of both short and long-term goals for Rocket's products.

Think About It

The pandemic has expedited businesses' need to digitally transform. Surging digital demands paired with talent shortages while using legacy technologies have made it nearly impossible for businesses to keep pace with change, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition. To meet these challenges, organizations need technologies that make it easier to build applications and streamline workflows. The answer? Low code development.