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Five Minute Briefing - SAP
December 16, 2009

Published in conjunction with the Independent SAP Technical User Group (formerly the International Sybase User Group), this monthly publication contains news, market research, insight for the SAP user community, as well as ISUG-TECH news and information.

News Flashes

Sybase, Inc. today announced that its IQ 15.1 column-based analytics server, working with the IBM Power 595 system and running the AIX 6L version 6.1 Operating System, achieved the best overall performance result currently published among all non-clustered systems for the TPC-H benchmark at the 3TB scale factor . In addition, the Sybase and IBM solution also recorded the best current overall price/performance result among non-clustered systems that deliver over 100,000 QphH for the TPC-H benchmark at the 3TB scale factor .

Sybase 365 , a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced a strategic partnership with the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) to deploy SMS messaging services through NY-ALERT, the state's All - Hazards Alert and Notification System. The web-based portal allows state agencies, county and local governments, emergency service agencies and institutions of higher learning, to provide emergency alerting information and private notifications to a def ined audience through SMS alerts.

Sybase, Inc. has announced it is leveraging the newest version of its column-based analytics server—Sybase IQ 15.1—and its global mobile messaging reach, enabling the company to provide deep analytics functionality on the Sybase 365 mobile services platform that will address the needs of mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprise customers. The first offering, to be launched in Q1 2010, will be a hosted analytics solution for mobile operators, providing them with improved quality of service, a greater insight into their off-network messaging traffic, and enabling them to better execute revenue generating activities around these trends.

Symantec Corp. has made enhancements to Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster File System and Veritas Cluster Server, which are heterogeneous storage management and high availability solutions for Unix, Linux and Windows environments. These latest releases are intended to help organizations to employ the latest storage innovations—from SSDs to thin provisioned hardware and virtual environments including Hyper-V. The new releases also provide capabilities needed to optimize any storage or server platform. Additionally, the vendor says near instantaneous recovery of applications is now possible with Veritas Cluster File System through tight integration with Sybase, Oracle and IBM DB2-enabling faster failover of structured information and near-linear scalability.

The past year has been a challenging one for businesses as well as user groups alike. Yet, ISUG which serves the Sybase user community by acting as an information channel, an advocate for user issues, and as a force that helps to determine the product directions of Sybase, has offered new services and taken innovative approaches to provide training to its members. 5 Minute Briefing: Sybase talks with Mike Harrold, executive director of ISUG, about what ISUG is doing to support its members and what the user group hopes to accomplish in the year ahead.

Think About It

The Year Ahead in Information Management: Smarter, Cloudier and Greener

ISUG-Tech News and Information

The International Sybase User Group has announced that it will publish the ISUG Technical Journal as a monthly publication from January 2010. As ISUG's core outreach vehicle to its membership base, its readers have consistently voted the magazine as a key membership benefit time and time again.

Continuing in the role of President is Bryan Enochs who will be entering his tenth year as a board member. Returning Vice Presidents from 2008-2009 are Eric Van Patten (Finance) and Cynthia Gill (Business Relations). Joining them as Vice President of Membership will be Anne Walker. Other returning board members include Cindy Bean, Chris Pollach, and Aryeh Silverberg. Joining as new board members are Jeremy Chubb, Sheri Page, Marcelle von Wendland, and Joe Woodhouse. Martin Clark will be re-appointed as Secretary in January.