Matt Benati

Matt Benati is vice president of Global Marketing at Attunity, Inc., an independent leader in change data capture (CDC) and data replication technologies.  Attunity's software has been deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide and is the choice of partners including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP. For more information visit, join the discussion at, and join the Attunity community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Articles by Matt Benati

Winning in today's business world is tougher than ever. Unless companies make better decisions faster than competitors, they are sure to lose market share. The problems facing organizations are challenging and without access to timely, relevant, and up-to-date information, businesses are at a disadvantage. Companies in almost every sector need a complete and accurate view of customers in order to optimize sales revenue opportunities and to optimize customer satisfaction. The economic downturn also means that fraud has been on the rise, especially in information intensive industries like insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

Posted April 11, 2012