Bob Zurek

Bob Zurek is chief technical officer at EnterpriseDB. Prior to joining EnterpriseDB, he was director of product strategy in IBM's Information Platform and Solutions Group, where he was responsible for driving and executing the technical strategy for information integration solutions as they relate to software, hardware, services, vertical industries, and emerging markets. Zurek is also a popular blogger and leader of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council's Open Source Cluster. For more information about EnterpriseDB, go to

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Database administrators are critically important contributors in modern enterprises, ensuring that key infrastructure is performing optimally in support of the organization's goals. Like employees in every department, the best DBAs are constantly seeking to increase the value of their contributions and, correspondingly, to increase their compensation and to advance in their organizations. Increasing knowledge and skills and taking more important responsibilities are time-honored methods for career advancement. Here are 10 concrete suggestions for DBAs looking to get ahead.

Posted January 15, 2009