Bruno Kurtic

Bruno Kurtic is founding vice president of product and strategy, Sumo Logic. He joined Sumo Logic from SenSage, where he was the vice president of product management. Before joining SenSage, Bruno was with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he developed and implemented growth strategies for large high-tech clients. Prior to BCG, he spent six years at webMethods where he was a Product Group Director for two product lines. At webMethods he started the west coast engineering team and played a key role in the acquisition of Active Software. He was also with Andersen Consulting's Center for Strategic Technology in Palo Alto and founded a software company that developed handwriting and voice recognition 

Articles by Bruno Kurtic

The explosion of machine data has made it impossible for humans to write every rule to detect relevant events. Most of these events are unknown, new (or rather anomalous), or indescribable, and as a result, they go undetected. IT organizations need a mechanism to automatically "tell" users what is happening inside of their data without the administrator's prerequisite knowledge of the event.

Posted May 21, 2014