Don Sullivan

Don Sullivan is a senior systems engineer, database specialist, at VMware.

Articles by Don Sullivan

In October of 2008, Congress enacted the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, more commonly known as the bailout of the financial system. The understanding was that catastrophic financial consequences would be the result of the failure of these entities and that those aggregate failures could devastate the U.S. The recent major outages in the public clouds services inevitably lead to the same issue being consider with regard to this new industry.

Posted May 15, 2017

Many companies are transforming themselves from companies that ingest data from the cloud to companies that live and breathe in the cloud, further helping to fuel the "cloudification" of data. But living in a world in which all of a company's databases and infrastructure reside in the cloud creates new challenges for the DBA to overcome and is transforming these DBAs out of necessity into cloud DBAs.

Posted April 08, 2015